Eugales VI Arcology/Terraforming

This is an OOC companion thread to talk about the recently posted [UNF-A] Eugales VI Arcology and Terraforming Initiative , this has been an ongoing internal project with UNF for some time, with the help of other similarly and smaller sized outside groups providing help, input, and ideas to the overall project itself.

This OOC Thread will be a hub for the OOC discussions or collaborations regarding the future of the project, while the thread in the IGS will be for IC collaboration and/or opposition of the project.

The general focus of this project will be around mostly smaller groups working together on a large scale project, with limited help from larger entities. All IC supporters will be listed with their contributions in some manner over the course of the project. This doesn’t exclude larger RP groups or names from joining in on the fun, but it does prevent large, well established RP organizations from offering to do most of the legwork and taking most of the contribution credits. Sorry to those that fall under this category.

With all that said, have at it I suppose.


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