EVE 2020 resolution, build a JF

So most likely it’s going to be a Rhea


It’s not a great feat but it will bring billions into the Corp once complete and sold.


Max skills on my builder and still not much profit to be made. On top of that, you’ll be tying up capital if you haven’t negotiated a sale before building as it might sit in your hangar for a while before selling.

That said. I’m going to give you a thumbs up for setting goals for yourself. Good luck with it.


Definitely not doing it for the profits, just a goal, while making billions in the sale it would just be cheaper to keep the isk then to use it buying the raw goods then putting the ingredients together for the oven, but it is a point of focus that’s all, the isk is not really as important as the process of doing it.

So far I’ve built everything from shuttles to frieghters, but yet to build the t-2 version of caps.

So it’s just a goal.

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Well, no, unless you mined that T2 mats, its gonna bring in a couple million to maybe a hundred mill at most.

I built my first Anshar. Back then it was only worth 6 billion isk or so. Now I have like 3 jump freighters. The time and effort spent on building them from scratch, wasnt worth it.

Only 6days left on Ark build.
Build all components and required materials for said components.

Only expensive item was the old freighter i used, but after the amount of use i got out of it, possible gained a profit off its last 10 cargo runs.

If you can build in the components yourself and the freight used, you’ll make on the process.
If you can make the reactions and the material components, then you really do well.

My goal for this year is to finally get my drug cartel profitable, I want to be EVE Big Pharma :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :skull:

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Got that already to go, just need the slaves and drug mules first! :wink:

Oh I get that, true enough, the point of the build it not really profits but just a goal, I will be buying moon goo stuff off the markets from missions and sales of various items including salvage.

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