Eve and Elite should have a baby

So, I spent some time playing Elite, and I believe they should have a baby:

Best from Eve:

One server, no hiding in solo (ganking in somewhat safe territories should be minimal)
Condensed game space (I spent like 10 hours in Elite, and only saw 1 human player, even though they have more players)
Player production and player market (no such things in Elite)

Best from Elite:

“I am piloting a ship!” (in Eve, it doesn’t feel like you pilot the ■■■■, you just give it orders)
Active mining
No multibox (because you actually pilot your ship)
No skills (not sure about this one, but this way, you don’t need alts)


Ah, you mean when the multiplayer version of Starfield comes out.

Can’t wait.

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Not require to pilot a ship, and play with standard PC setup is actually an advantage. It allows players to compete in PvP with different hardware budgets and a variety of ages, and not requiring the best of the best Hotas setup to win fights while you are a teenager playing from London city.

Also EvE with self-piloting would not work together with uninstanced battles due to performance. Remember, all commands of all players need to be processed on the central server cluster, to avoid cheating.

I think the concepts of Elite and EvE are in major parts mutually exclusive.


arcade controls like Star Conflict would make Eve feel like you’re a pilot ))

The EVE server runs on 1 second interval ticks. Manual, responsive, real-time piloting of your ship will never be possible…


What you are wanting would turn EVE into just another space shooter, and there are already plenty of those…


1s server tick in EVE. :face_exhaling:

You can mow a lawn while mining.


You can’t have a real multiplayer persistent MMO with 100/1000s of people at the same time while also having highly detailed flight models and related game mechanics and “physics” like in Elite. It’s one or the other, you can TRY to go for something in between but anything more than, say, 50, just isn’t realistic.

Due to server cycle requirements and network latency it’s just not going to happen, it’s not even THAT much about pure bandwidth.


Never going to happen for technical reasons (unless quantum computers suddenly make it possible or something, but I have no idea what I’m talking about here). Although to be honest I’ve grown to like the fact that in EVE you’re more the ship’s captain, rather than the pilot.


I’m your captain…

And the never-ending stream of players trying to turn EVE into something it’s not continues…


Yeah, they should take the time to embrace what gem they have found despite all the flaws we like to complain about all the time … I think the core mechanic of non-instanced sandbox PvP is still a unique value proposition, together with the end-to-end player driven economy which actually works.

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To be fair, they didn’t say they want to change EVE, just that they’d like another game that has some of its features.

Perhaps I was being a bit harsh. Having said that, we do get tons of threads about “EVE should have this”, "EVE should have that, “But Star Citizen has this”, etc…

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Yeah those annoy me too so I can see where you’re coming from.

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Games need to get new stuff for people to keep playing, else they become bored.

IF CCP cant get WiS or bar into game, they should give something in exchange, also good and playable.

New things, yes, but not things that change the core mechanics of the game that have worked for 20 years…


New expansions in “ancient” times, brought new mechanics into EVE, new classes of ships, a lot of novelty was added. That was the time when playerbase GREW.

Having said that, if they wanted to change mining to be more active, as in having to actively pilot, break apart, and chase down asteroid to get them in your hold, I’d be all for that. And before I get called a hypocrite, hear me out. I think mining in EVE and every other game mechanic is fine as-is, but at least with something like that it would get rid of 99% of mining bots and AFK’ers, which would be worth the change.

Yes, it would be a pain in the *** for players who don’t AFK and enjoy mining just to be mining, but at least the bots would be gone. No more Orca and 20-Skiff fleets huddled around a single ice asteroid in a massive ball…