Eve battle royale

100 rifters. 10000 shrinking km3. 1 winner.

Mods are placed in scattered cargo boxes. Refit at evenly distributed mobile depos. rake in the tears as people accuse you of teaming, cowardice, getting lucky and using endless ewar to drag games out until the last one quits.

Its doable, i brainstormed a way to do it before actually, you have people enter with a T1 scanning frig and have either ships or cans left at various sites in system cloaked using mobile scan inhibitors, this way people truly have to hunt to find weapons and mods, just set a timer and either last man standing or whoever scores the most kills in that time confirmed via zkill, it takes a lot more to set up but i think its the most “authentic” BR experience that is possible in EVE, charge an entry fee to help cover the costs of the setup, obviously people get to keep the stuff they salvaged during the fight and offer some minor prizes etc to entice people to enter

The pro’s are it requires no CCP intervention or policing so it can be run as often as people want

The cons are that its not CCP "protected so people could grief it and you would have to have participants join a corp with friendly fire enabled to get it to work without CCP’s help

I’m personally more in favour of the player run version as kills can be verified by everyone in the corp although it requires much more setup than CCP making a simple spawn script etc :stuck_out_tongue:

winner winner longlimb dinner

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