EvE Central why?

What happened to https://eve-central.com/

Why did it go?
It was the most used tool for EvE.
EvE Marketplace doesn’t work very well.
Is that it, EvE Central worked too good?

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Not all legacy sites are willing to reprogram for the changes CCP has been implementing to their API.

I don’t think the owner has committed to ever bringing it back.

This is why Eve is dying… not Eve Central but what is happening here… CCP has constantly been changing things from the get go instead of releasing a finished product. so all those terribly dedicated get really ■■■■■■■ pissed off when CCP shits on all their investing of time and work all for fun… thing is we have to pay real money EVERY MONTH to experience it and after all the years of this, I have no IDEA WHY ANYONE Wouldn’t WANT TO CONTINUE TO LOOSE OUT, cause eventually CCP will change it and your ■■■■ wont work.


Nothing lasts forever, especially fan sites but new ones appear too.
There are some pretty good replacements, like https://evemarketer.com or https://eve-marketdata.com.


I’m sorry but it’s an MMO, that’s how things work with MMO’s. Look at World of Warcraft, it’s not the same level 1-50 world from 2003 is it? SWTOR, same thing. Guild Wars. They change the classes, they add new zones / planets, they change the spells, they change everything. All the damn time.

EVE may be dying, but this ain’t why. It’s actually alive, 10+ years later, because they changed things. Otherwise you know what we’d have? We’d have Earth and Beyond. Or Freespace 2. Or Independence War: Edge of Chaos. Or Microsoft’s Freelancer. Games “released as finished products and NOT changing” like you want. You playing them?


Thanks to all those who supported, and maintained eve-central throughout the years. Great job. Good luck in your future plans.

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Just to be clear, it’s nothing to do with the changes to the API.

They’d already implemented the required changes to keep things ticking over. And those changes allowed them to remove the requirement to scrape using Evemon. So there’s a bunch of ill informed misinformation here.

Anyway: They were talking about moving servers to a new data center. No further updates past them.

( in shameless self promotion: https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/ )

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Just a ray of sunshine.

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says the guy singing the praises of RSI which has notoriously not released a finished product…

You astound me, good sir.

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Patience people, i’m sure setting up a new Eve-Central hardware/hosting is not simple :slight_smile: Just keep en eye on https://eve-central.com/ or their twitter. In the meantime other sites get the attention =)

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If that’s what you are looking for: Eve market data works almost like eve central if you want to pull datas to a spreadsheet.
Otherwise, as said above, check their Twitter, you will see that they are not dead but are moving their servers.

Adapt and survive
Dont, you die!!!

Its not officially released yet is it? smartass? and if you think that isnt a reason why people leave or quit their projects, I think you need to step outside the gaming reality and step into LIFE… because people have lives, and get tired of REWORKING their investments…

and the only reason i support RSI ad SC is because EVE ONLINE has turned into a game, like wow… so yea… it is a HUGE DIFFERENCE IMHO. sorry you cant make that connection there but maybe that will help you see where Im coming from.

Y…You hurt me so bad…

I made videos for CQ screen and watched them there, and now there is no CQ! :pensive:
Also I know of one person that worked on delivering custom CQ videos to people by internet, with use of additional program, downloader. A kind of news network. Now it will never happen.


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This does nothing to promote pitch forks Steve. Think of the pitch fork peddlers for once.

Tweaking. Not changing. They tried “changing” something with the character creator and abmulation. Then they gave up on it. Like with everything else. We’re talking about “developers” who can’t maintain an in-game JUKEBOX.




Do i have to say more?

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Oh, of course they are. People these days are triggered by - just as ONE EXAMPLE - knowing something they don’t. It’s like trying to run a marathon with a sprained ankle. Only for Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro to show up and beat the **** out of you right before the start.

As if there isn’t any mental illness already among the “players”. It’s like an uber-fanboyism that makes fanboyism of the regular kind seem completely and totally insignificant. EVE “fans” hate logic. They hate hearing the truth (another thing people in today’s society don’t seem to like either). It’s almost impressive. Kind of like chemical/digital mind conditioning.

Just take a look here where i tear two “fans” a new anus. Nothing to say in response. :joy:


I hear you… especially about the cold hearted truth…

for me, its all I want. Id rather die by a dark and cold truth than a light and warm lie… simply cause it would mean YOU were the lie, your life is a lie and anything you do stand for or fight to achieve is just as fake as my exgf boobies. (then her mom dares to call me fake? she has em too!!!) people these days.