Eve Concurrent Average Online under 20k now :(

You don’t seems to understand the situation. EVE has some mechanics that other games don’t have. If you eleminate those mechanics (that are avoidable by knowledge mostly) then it won’t be EVE anymore. That’s why devs (yet) not done anything about suicide ganking, etc.
The point is: a player has to adapt, gather knowledge, or maybe get friends, and make a goal to pick up the fight against the griefers. Or he can leave the game. But he come to this game becuase this game is famous about being a sci-fi simulation sandbox where nearly anything can happen, and butterfly effect, etc. So if you just make it safe, eleminate features that harass and cruel for new players, you kill the butterfly effect, the challange,the urge to make friends, to make trust, to organize, and you just make the game a simple space-worldofwarcraft.

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Right. But with a new player loss rate of 90% you have almost no chance of growing the game. And the game is in a long state of decline.

I have to believe there are better ways to preserve your butterfly effect than griefing new players.

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It there any tutorial mission where you have to deal with canflippers or anything? Where you have to haul something and some npc-s gank you? Nope. Why not? Because in the past, people could read and research. Nowdays they can’t. So there should be a tutorial about ganking and things like that. It sounds so lame, but as EVE needs a bunch of new players, it’s better than eleminating the core concepts of the game.

I see your point. That’s not a bad idea. It does make me cringe a little, 'though: “Hi, welcome to the game! Before you start, let’s talk about how to deal with the inevitable griefers that’ll interrupt your gameplay.”

Not a very warm, welcoming message … but it’s very EVE.

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Prove it again.
You are mixing terms and things together but I am the one “not understanding the situation”.

You have a vested interest in the game being bad for beginners, so you ignore every part that tells you it is bad for the game.

Just by curiosity. And the first thing he learns, is that he needs to farm like any mmo. The second thing is, the game is very complex / lacking consistency so you have to learn a lot of mechanisms that are in opposition together. The third thing he learns, is to not trust anyone, and to not trust game mechanisms because they are lying to you. And finally, what he learns is that without experience and SP you are but a prey for people who have more of those than you.

Because it costs time. And if people in the past DID research, then can flipper would never be so many. So the people who did not read about it, and fell on it, either left silently or had the chance to find something that kept them in the game. Nowadays they just leave silently.

I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun when there only remains experienced players in HS who won’t fall to you tricks.

Thank you. You can read about how to implement this idea to not be a complete lame thing in here:

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One must be able to listen to reason in order for something to be proven to them.

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You don’t seems to understand the situation. And i think you just pretend you don’t understaning it because this is your hobbie to talk trash and energy vampire here.
But I try last time:
“You have a vested interest in the game being bad for beginners, so you ignore every part that tells you it is bad for the game.”
I say again: what is bad for beginners in an other MMO is totally different in EVE because it is a part of its principles.
“And the first thing he learns, is that he needs to farm like any mmo.”
Prove that. Lol. Why? I think the clever realise that he can make money withouth much farming, just by taking advantage of the game economy, etc. Anyway why you need farming in EVE?
The other stuff you say is just what I say, the difference, is that you see this as a problem, i see this as an ugre to be organized, make friends, etc.
“I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun when there only remains experienced players in HS who won’t fall to you tricks.”
You will be suprised, but i never ganked, scammed, etc anyone, cause i’m not that type. I just like this character name and graphics. I like helping people, but sometimes it’s just hard if they don’t wanna help themselves. And most importantly i like EVE and i don’t want it to be dumbed down.

I think you got lost in your conversation. Obviously the guy mentioned “game mechanics” from your own quote and not some obscure secret.

Because no ship is created for free.
You seem to not understand Eve.

I start to belive that CCP should have been made a game EVE Miner instead of EVE Valkyre and people could mine there (and in VR) in peace with beautiful asteroids in complete peace while they chit-chat. The game would be a monthly cost game, but if you mine enough, you can buy that 1 month game time to mine again for free!

No all Plex has done is increase the number of parasites in the game.

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LOL. For a very simple reason: EVERYTHING in EVE is made by players. That ship you’re in was made out of minerals farmed by some player.

Understand this: EVE literally does not work without a solid foundation of farmers. That’s by DESIGN.


That not means you need to farm. And there is no problem with farmers. But EVE is not about farming only. It’s just a part of it. You can choose many more things to do. The problem comes when the farmers don’t want to understand that this game is not only about farming, because if everyone just could farm in peace, nothing would happen. That is why EVE stagnating nowdays. There are too many people want to force this direction of safe wealth gaining and they slowly eleminate all the exciting features.

If you strip down all the complaints, whining, etc, its just tldr: “why dont you leave me alone farming in peace?”

I have 130mill sp my battle ship is fit accordingly, what i usually do is warp to mission room stop drop mtu and pull the whole room, and i don’t move until everything is dead. If another player warps in i immediately pull the mtu into my cargo bay and wait until said player gets bored and buggers off. Its the player that see’s me pull the mtu and stays there for up to and sometimes beyond 30mins waiting for me to re-deploy that narks me. I’m never gonna do it what a waste of time/effort for someone who clearly knows the score and will not bite. Its complete shittery imo.

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Just to get back on topic a bit: Since Blackout ended the player numbers seem to be up somewhat from their lows (about 2K so far). How quickly they will recover (or if they will recover) is an open question at this point.

For the longer view, here’s how EVE player numbers look:

(Numbers taken from Eve-Offline.net. Averages are fairly rough because Eve-Offline appears sensitive to specific start/end/duration picks. I try to get each interval as close to the same annual dates as possible to minimize this effect.)

Pre-Alpha numbers are paid accounts + trials.
Post-Alpha numbers are paid accounts + free Alpha accounts.

2013 - 65k peak, 48k average users
2014 - 57k peak, 41k average
2015 - 45k peak, 34k average
2016 - 51k peak, 33k average
2016, pre-Alpha - 41k peak, 30k average

2016, post-Alpha - 51k peak, 31k average (Nov.15-Dec.31)
2017 - 47k peak, 35k average
2018 - 40k peak, 33k average
2019 - 38k peak, 28k average
Last 6M - 37k peak, 27k average
Last 3M - 32k peak, 22k average
Last 1M - 29k peak, 18k average

Graphically it looks like this:

Given that pre-2016 numbers are mostly paid players (even the bots had to pay), and post-2016 numbers have a significant number of Alpha and Alpha bot accounts, I’d say that trend is pretty scary.

Maybe that’s just me though.


Actually, that graph is even more scary when you consider that post the 2019 mark, you have spread it across 9 months. If you keep the same horizontal axis calibration, the last 9 months show an even steeper drop in population. Well, it hasn’t been lack of trying on many of us to grab CCP’s attention on several major issues threatening the game. They always seemed to be confident that they knew what they were doing and our concerns were misplaced. Hate to say we told you so, but…


That graph its so damning.

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It literally does.

Who said there was besides you ?

And that’s answering to nobody. Nobody said Eve was farming only. People answered to your question of “whay Eve NEEDS farmers”.

Can’t afford to do anything else, because you know, they have lower skill points and not the amount of isk we have that allows us to choose what we want to do.

if you strip down the complaints : “why?”
Thank you for this useless part of nothing.
Especially what the guy complained about was not of losing his ship, it was instead of not being able to play as long as there was someone. So nothing happened, just it was this moment when you think “I should log off and call it a day” because there is nothing for you to do that does not end up with you losing your ship.

So yes, why does the guy not let him farm in peace ? Why people need to just be bothering other people ?

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At this stage id prefer to play eve offline if i’m honest.