Eve Concurrent Average Online under 20k now :(

Dear Eivar:

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I gonna <3 you more!

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Ok man he is way off it is only down 43%.

The premise was incorrect in any case. We only know how many characters are logged in at any time-- not the number of players.

Doesn’t matter if it’s accounts or players, the numbers are way down compared to how it was and they’re still dropping…

I swear some of you people just gotta constantly scrutinize the smallest detail instead of viewing the larger picture…


The point that apparently went way over your head is we only see part of the larger picture.
We only see PCU.
We don’t see Player count.

Obviously you’re super dense if you don’t realize that PCU is connected to Player Count.

Related yes, Connected now.
PCU rise does not have to mean Player count rise, PCU drop does not have to mean Player count drop.
Also citation required for your claim it’s continuing to drop. Because the EVE offline graph for 1 month shows a rise.

Citation for you in thinking everything is A-ok, doesn’t matter the numbers are inflated due to CCP running the skilling spree. How about looking at the bigger picture and compare the past 6 months with the previous 6 months.

You mean the drop we all already know was due to the black out + epic bot slamming (Whichever weighting you ascribe it to between those two main factors).
Yes, there was a drop. Stop strawmaning and trying to pretend I’m saying there wasn’t a drop.
However just because there was a drop doesn’t mean it’s continuing to drop.

You know, like the claim you made…
You made the claim, you provide the evidence that numbers are still dropping.

The numbers of players online during this skill spree looks a lot like the numbers during the blackout of the skill spree.

So it looks like they lost a lot a lot of players and got the same number back as bots.

Under 20k? That could mean anything though. In fact, I think there are more players and more active characters than ever. I have tons of data to support this, too. Not sure where I put it though… I’ll find it soon. Until I find it, just take my word for it 'kay?

Yeah no worries. CCP took Nulls word for it.

On the bright side the Null players buying Plex must love the fact more players with cash left, driving the PLEX prices up.

The reality is the player count and PCU have both nosedived since Pearl Abyss acquired CCP. CCP don’t publish annual figures any more because they know the current state of affairs. In many regards, CCP Hilmar cashed out at the best time and at the price he did - it wasn’t a scam per se, but i’m not sure it was value for money on the investment from the investor PA. Given the diminishment of Eve and the numbers speaking for themselves, I really don’t believe PA will at this point will get a return on their investment. Grats to Hilmar for selling out the community and getting that price from PA I guess? Cash grab, free sp, theme-park now et al - this is eve, eve isn’t real it’s a cash grab - guess it was all worth it for those with cash in the bank at this point though. # if I was the Pearl Abyss person who had negotiated the half billion pound deal for the acquistion, I would feel rather bad at this point.

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You tell me which MMO isn’t a cash grab these days.

If I was Pearl Abyss, I’d have invested the money elsewhere.

My opinion is that it wasn’t EvE PA was after at all, but rather the established permissions and access to the Chinese (mobile) game market CCP had. It is possible PA could make an obscene amount of money if their gamble pays off. It’s why they payed so much for a niche game company with only one successful product and why they really don’t need recent and current EvE players to stay (it’s just a nice extra money coming in.

EvE was great and maybe it will be good again…but it will be different than it was, certainly…much different…

Personally I plan to stick around and see what happens. When my time with EvE does end -whenever that may be and for whatever reason - I will have a lot of cherished memories provided by this game that I am grateful for.

So it will be “so long and thanks for all the fish” rather than bitterness and anger.

Not over yet, though, still enjoying the game and I remain cautiously optimistic.


You might be right, that would make more sense.

I wanted to respond to this back then, but forgot.
I wish that was the case, but it never is, despite me drinking plenty. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the ‘generating content’ by playing safe. Everything you do in this game generates content for some other activity unless you have figured out how to spend zero isk without killing or producing anything. Project Discovery maybe? Even hoarders will eventually buy something to add to their hoard.

Uninstalling does the trick.

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