EVE crash on mouse click


I have just installed the EVE-online launcher and the fired up on the first try :slight_smile:

But then it crashes whenever I click outside of the “menu” system…
I can view the market and skills but when if click on the “back layer” to interact with my ship/camera angels it just goes down and I’m back at the launcher and I can start the games again…

I’m running with 60+ fps and can undock without problems…

I have looked at the logs from the eve-online launcher log viewer and no event is triggered by or just before the crash :frowning:

Just some info on the system:
Lenovo t469p
Arch Linux
Nvidia drivers with primus config

I’ve found in Arch that this thread is still true for this issue:


I did an update in arch this morning and still had to downgrade the two packages mentioned.

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