EVE crises time rules when server is unstable

There has been lot of stability issues with EVE servers recently. This has caused lots of DC (disconnect) kill mails that cause huge workload for EVE game masters. I have idea how to mitigate this problem.

When servers are in unstable condition EVE moves to crises time rules.

  1. All log off timers are removed so when someone has DC they are immediately removed from space. This allows abuse of disconnect but I think it is small problem compared to enourmous amount of DC kill mails.

  2. Structures cannot be attacked during crises times. They have indefinite invulnerablity until crises times are over.

  3. Abyssal deadspace content of EVE is not working when server is in crises time rules.

Comments are welcome for these ideas!

lol, no.

And don’t whine to the GMs when you lose a ship.


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EVE servers having trouble keeping connection is no different than you having trouble keeping connection on your end due to local effects. For example, if there is a huge storm and the power goes out in your area for several hours, CCP isn’t going to make your structures invulnerable until your power company gets the power turned back on…

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