How stable is Eve for everyone?

I love running T5’s but in the last few weeks i’ve dc-ed a dozen times leading to ship loses and CCP continually use the “our logs didn’t record an issue with the cluster” BS despite not losing connection to the internet from my end. I’d be interested to know how often players are losing connection and how often this happens when running the “lose everything” scenario of abyssals.

I play a LOT, but I do more stagnant, non-PVP type activities. I’ve only been disconnected on average once, MAYBE two times a week. Perhaps the disconnections are a result of more action/graphics/network changes going on, just a guess.


EvE is particularly sensitive to packet loss and related hiccups, seems. So the EvE servers can be having no problems but if something in the data delivery chain to you is wonky at all EvE can D/C for you even when other games and programs are not having issues for you. It seems to greatly annoy many and the solutions seem to vary. Perhaps try the standard clearing game cache and verify file integrity from game launcher? Couldn’t hurt, anyway…

How stable is Eve for everyone?


problem doesn’t have to occur on any one’s end to result in DCs:
your PC (+router if any) <> your ISP <> a bunch of relay points <> datacenter <> CCP’s server cluster.

If problem occurs somewhere between your ISP and datacenter then from your perspective your internet was working fine and from CCP’s perspective nothing was wrong on their end.



I could check and let you know how stable it is if it was supported on Linux

Losing connections multiple times daily now. Usually in “clusters” in which disconnections take place within a relatively short amount of time from one another. Connection is rock-solid otherwise. Yes, I know how to computer, and yes, I know how to check.

It may not be supported on Linux, but it’s pretty damn stable on Linux…

Stable for me. Haven’t disconnected in the last month.

Dc-ing daily and it’s killing the enjoyment of the game when you run T5’s. I go in and find i’m losing more to dc-ing than the Trigs beating me. It’s f-ing annoying and CCP’s won’t engage with you regarding reimbursement due to their reimbursement policy. We know it’s one rule for one and one rule for another on reimbursement. They act like robots and have no common sense and ability to look beyond “logs”. Just curious, have CCP’s logs ever, EVER been useful as my experience is no.

But you dont lose stuff on Abyssal Discos.

You petition it back.

“our logs show nothing” is a pretty old and longstanding EvE meme. You are welcome.

Well, at least once every 24 hours :smile:

I had one disconnect in the last 4-6 weeks. And no client crashes. I find it runs really stable.

Run a tracert against the server address. Back in 2014 I was getting connection issues on the local line, but when I used wireless internet through another provider, I was going through a cell tower and hence through different nodes and not having the same issue. The conclusion was that on the land line there was a bad node in a nearby city having intermittent issues.
You can’t have much control of the nodes. But if you have both land line internet like cable internet and a cell phone that has it’s own internet but lets you use it as an access point, try switching from one to the other and see if things change.

tracert will at least tell if you your own modem or router is bad, which you can control. If you are using a wireless router, make sure it’s not a Linksys. Those things are hot garbage.

Got dc’ed yesterday. Locked up for about 4 minutes then back to desktop. My other account did not dc though, which I found odd.

They probably didn’t have the same route.

Dc-ed again but luckily i was able to catch-up 4 minutes and survive the T5. I understand CCP passing the blame elsewhere when their server logs show nothing but its infuriating at the same time. They could show a bit of class and not act like drones and treat everyone like they are lying. Honestly when i raise a ticket with CCP i feel i’m on trial for trying to get something reimbursed when it was lost not because of pilot error. Somewhere a long the lines CCP started treating those that raise reimbursement tickets as a criminal and somehow have got away with “Our logs didn’t record a server error”.

I’d drop out several times per day and even several times per hour for about 3 months. Internet and even other games would be completly fine. Had Virgin media send me out a new router and I’ve had 2x disconnects within the last 2 months.

Sorry guys, but in the end, it’s still not CCP’s fault. I had the same problem for a while yrs ago. Use traceroute to complain to your ISP provider like I did is all I can offer.