Eve discrimination against high secers

Eve developers have to realize that one of the main reasons that people after a certain point of game live decide to give up the game ,
is mainly the discrimination of players mainly enjoying gameplay in high security space and the constant push to play on Low security space by the transfer of game content to Low security space and no security ,
Not all players enjoy the same game style or have the time and dedication of what is required so developers that is your choice to the array of subscriber availability .


What “transfer of game content” are you talking about?

There’s better mining in Tama.

Reported for griefing.

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What can you use in low - sec that you cannot in high sec manly I’m talking about all the capital ships and NPC content ,
And mainly the push of Eve developers through the beginning for the migration of the high secers to low

Capital ships have been banned in high sec for a decade and a half, and you’re complaining about that now?

What NPC content specifically?

Who says “NPC content must only be provided in CONCORD zones”, that’s awfully discriminatory of you for those that live in the other non-highsec parts of space.

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Mining’s boring I already sold three characters around 98ml skill point over the years

Referring to level 5 missions

The new update coming out will add level 6/7 missions in Highsec.

This rant comes a decade too late…

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These are also a decade and a half old, long been lowsec-only.

So to recap:

Your argument that “the main reason that people are leaving the game today” are:

  • No capitals in high sec (except Orca and Freighters and Jump Freighters)
  • Level 5 in Lowsec

Both of these are 15+ year old.

You’re ridiculous.


We’ve been complaining about this for decades I just thought to throw it in once more in case they forgotten

So you telling me I only can transport and mine , why I cannot use all the ships as you do since I have the skill

Will they allow Capital ships to be used ?

Yes they will along with 100% immunity from gankers as they are going to remove all PvP from there.

yesyes, but the npc’s will doomsday them

Hey thats me! What are we talking about? How great HS is?

HS is ok

Not too sure if you are trolling or ranting so I am going to close on either basis…

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