Eve Dublin 2018 - August 31st & September 1st - Club Na Múinteoirí - Tickets available at EveDublin.com

Hello everyone!

Eve Dublin is back again on August 31st & September 1st! We’re in the same venue as last year and will be building on the success of that with lot of fun events planned over the two days.

Tickets are €30 for full price this time and we’ve plenty in store for you!

You can purchase tickets now HERE.

Tickets include:

  • Entry to the event with full access to all features and presentations.

  • Eve Dublin T-Shirt

  • Entry to all draws, prize raffles, and give aways!

  • Eve Lore Quiz

  • Poker Tournament

  • The Danger Game!

  • Player Presentations

  • Other stuff TBC

Check out the following links for more information:

Eve Dublin Discord Server
Evemeet.net post
Eve Dublin FB Page
Eve Dublin Twitter

We also have an in game mailing list “Eve Dublin” for sending out information about the meet, join up by clicking the button at the bottom right of your eve mail window and type in “Eve Dublin” into the box.


Joseph Barnacle O’Sullivan


We’ve opened up submissions for player presentations & the alliance panel at this years Eve Dublin meet on August 31st & September 1st, so get your wizard hats at the ready!

Anyone who wishes to give a talk, contact mysely or Kiser Horgan (another guy).

Additionally we’re taking sponsorship proposals too, with 3 bids currently in.

the minimum bid is 10 billion ISK to ensure quality of prizes and enough quantity to spread them around over various prize opportunities. You’ll get your corp/alliance logo on the event t-shirts, posters, and banners, as well as and video ad submission you want up on the big screen. (CCP EULA applies regarding obscene content)

Oh also, tickets for the event are €30 and can be got over at evedublin.com

We have a Discord Server too!

Eve Dublin is now only 2 months away!! Get your tickets now at evedublin.com - Aug 31 - Sep 01. (bump)

SNUFFED OUT are an official sponsor of Eve Dublin 2018.

They are generously donating 10 FULLY FIT DREADS for prizes at the meet!

Come along, compete for prizes, have mighty craic with your fellow pilots!

Get your ticket now at http://www.evedublin.com/

I approve this message :yum::ok_hand:

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Forgot to say Saturday night is Hawaiian shirt night :desert_island:

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The meet is now only 1 month away from today.

Now is the time to get your tickets, sort your travel plans, and make this the best Eve Dublin ever!

We’ve got sponsored prizes, T-Shirts, poker tournament, Eve lore quiz, alliance panel, The Danger Game, CCP Devs, our own private bar, and Hawaiian shirt night on Saturday!

Come along, bring your corpmates, have mighty craic!

CCP Falcon & CCP Affinity are coming to the meet guys!!

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