Eve Dublin 2019 - CANCELLED

I am saddened to announce that Eve Dublin will not go ahead this year. Ticket sales are a shadow of previous years and with no increase in sight I have no choice but to cancel the event effective immediately.

I’m no stranger to the majority of ticket sales happening in the period closer to the meet, however this year is very different from the previous two. As usual, once the meet started getting closer I ramped up the PR campaign and also began emailing, evemailing, and PM-ing every past attendee and member of this discord to discern their interest in attending, and also to remind them to get a ticket. Instead of the usual “Oh yeah I’ll grab one now” type responses and corresponding jump in ticket purchases, I got a definitive no from the majority of people. Most of the answers were due to conflicts with important family events and of course are completely understandable.

I have started processing refunds for tickets purchased and you should see an email notification shortly indicating this. If you do not receive an email confirming your refund, please contact me ASAP and I will double check the records.

Thank you to all the people who purchased a ticket and please accept my apologies for not being able to host the event.

As I do not wish to compromise the quality of the meet, I have no plans to reschedule or downsize the meet at this time.

TL;DR: Eve Dublin 2019 is cancelled due to ticket sales being too low.

Still can have a get together for those who bought air tickets already, maybe a bbq and chicks with bic’s (lighters that is).

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