Eve Echo - Eve Main ... Who shapes whom?

I can’t wrap my head around this too many things…
Eve echoes is a mobile EVE game separated from EVE Online. Ok.
This New Concord Pass thing is only for this Echo version of Eve, but
Eve Got New Eden Store… so… Will Echo drive changes in Eve Main in
the future??

Are these nanocorse something like the Mutaplasmid but for ships???

Resonance Scanners
Nanocore Reverse Engineering
Deadspace Module Reverse Engineering

As laid out in the Pass, CONCORD will offer Capsuleers rare Thermomagnetic Storm Nanocores, Nanocore learning materials, and skill points as a reward for participating.

Thermomagnetic cores
Nihilus Deadspace

“CONCORD has made the CONCORD Pass available to Capsuleers which will enable research and testing data sharing between both parties. CONCORD will offer corresponding rewards and entitlements. This Pass is still on a trial basis and may be terminated by CONCORD at any time. Should premature termination of the Pass occur, Capsuleers who have been assigned with it will be compensated accordingly. The Pass has a validity period, after which no compensation will be provided by CONCORD.”

Main Echo site… for those like me who had never heard of it before…

EVE Echoes, the spaceship sandbox MMO on mobile

Different games run by different developers. The only thing CCP has to do with that is that they licenced the Eve-world for it.

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Echoes is a cash-grab mobile gacha game. Get that ■■■■ out of here!


This isn’t the place to discuss EVE Echoes… They have their own discord. If you want to discuss anything related to Echoes, go to their discord. These forums here are for EVE Online only.

Out of there you mean, I didn’t know it even existed, don’t get salty !!!
I don’t even have a smartphone for dry sake!!
I saw a youtube stuff and I thought what the hell is this?? Got it??

I started the thread thinking it was Eve online, not just a mobile game,
then I realized, and I corrected the title, I was 100% certain that it
was Eve online, not something else…

I wasn’t intending to sound mean :slight_smile:

Please don’t touch echoes even with a 10-foot pole. There are eve-alike games on mobile that are better than EE which, unsurprisingly, has 3.6-stars.

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