Eve-HR Beta Launch (** NOW WITH DISCORD BOT! + ESI Viewer **/ Ore Buyback / Corp Management / Corp Loyalty Points / Logistics / Fittings Checker / In Game Mail)

I would like to support Eve-HR by saying that I used the Eve-HR website for well over 6+ month while leading my previous corporation. The developer is a great guy who communicates with his users and is constantly developing new features.

@Lady_Zee, self hosting is available. Simply go to the Eve-HR blog at https://www.patreon.com/evehr and you will see the last updated zip file from November 19th. Just in case that you have a hard time finding it, here is the direct link https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3eo0cri44piv0o/Eve-HR%20v0.65.zip?dl=0

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Hoo thanks, I’ll try that

20k+ Users !!!

Including some self hosted sites.

New Feature - New Member Guide : Allows you to build a custom guide for new members to your corp to follow.

Patrons have voted and the newest feature to arrive will be:

Mining Ledger Viewer

Coming this weekend!

New Features!

Mining Ledger Viewer!
New Bounty System with Hourly Updates!
Mining Invoicing - Got tax dodging miners? now you can invoice them!

Mining Op Tool Redone!

  • Want to do multi player mining ops but don’t want to use a spreadsheet to track who mined what. The mining op tool uses your mining ledger to figure out what you mined during the op. It can even track your alts and combine it to your main character. Check it out now!

Almost 14k users!

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greetings to all you who run or manage corporations. I was looking around the web and stumbled on a very cool corp management app(web based) the things it Can do is simple too much to describe here, so I will just link it.
Also if you have any issue, the developer is a very helpful guy that provides support almost in real time on discord. If you run a corp you will love it.



15k users!

Thanks for all the support!

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Now with the ability to give loyalty points to pilots who join fleet ops.

This is a new feature and is under active development with suggestions from the community.

Join Discord to take part: https://discord.gg/jsnCNg9

17k users and climbing

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18k crazy!



20k! Thanks for all the support.

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21k and still climbing.

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22k, crazy…

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If this is NOT affiliated with eveonline…why do i have to enter my eve online username and password ??

Sorry i don’t understand…whatever happened to the account keys…cant remember what they was called now…you could get a code from eve website and enter that into 3rd party websites and/or applications…sorry im not entering my eve online account details into a 3rd party application…we are constantly reminded of how to be careful online, when and where to enter your details and yet i keep getting told it is now ok to do so…no its not ok.

The API codes are gone. CCP removed that method about 5+ years back. They implemented instead an SSO connection between all EVE related sites and CCP database. Basically, similar to the single sign on for Facebook, Twitter, any EVE related sites tie into the CCP database requesting for users to give access to whatever character information is needed by that specific site.

24k users and still getting fixed and tweaks.