EVE Intel Monitor

EVEIntelMonitor is an application designed for EVE Online players to monitor in-game intel channels and provide notification via voice synthesis when a relevant message is detected.

The application also uses Eve Scout’s API to notify users of nearest wormhole connections to Turnur and Thera.

Currently a binary bundle is provided only for MacOS but the application can be built for Windows.

It is written in C++ and uses the Qt framework for the GUI, networking, voice synthesis and multi-threading. The build system in CMake.

Let me know if you have got any issues.

Updated to version 0.3:

  • MainWindowView class in now created in the constructor of the Controller class. This solves the issue of character portrait not showing when a new character was added or Intel Channel List not updating properly.
  • IntelChannelsListView::initIntelChannels - beginInsertRows(…) and endInsertRow(…) are now called for each new row being inserted - this prevents the Intel Channel List for not populating correctly.
  • IntelChannelsListView::initIntelChannels is now called only once - this solves having duplicates in the Intel Channel List
  • Updated minor version to 3
  • Other minor adjustments to the code
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