EVE is a pvp only game so what is plan for removing solo content?

Stupid is the new black.

Oh wait, this is the internet.


yes lets remove all content so the only way you can get ships is to buy plex to sell or to profit from your kills!

With a name like ‘partyinmypants’ I’m sure nothing was injected…

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Maybe you are better playing PUBG.

In what world incursions became solo content?

true pvplers kill their first freighter with corvets and after that they never have to pve!

Really thats like saying ccp doesn’t like money :red_circle: BonG

I applaud the troll for managing to catch so many.

PvPers do PvE solo too they are just never really alone when they are doing it.

I for one would not pay the subscription if it becomes solely PvP, if a PvP only space game is wanted then make one?

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Obvious lame troll who really wants to burst into tears.

Go away cry baby.

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CCP isnt trying to limit solo pve…The only limit is your own self… :eyes: :eye: :woman_mage: :fairy:

Farmer trash detected.

lol, this from the wannabee sex offender :rofl:

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Yeah… I feel we have a trolling thread here. The opinion has been stated, strongly refuted and the original poster seems only to be interested in continuing to troll.

Can you explain the method you use to summon ships from the great beyond with no need for:

  1. Mining
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Hauling
  4. Market

And don’t say LP because thats PvE blood money.

It’s kind of a rethorical question, but I still feel the need to ask: Are you people always this easy to fool?

Are you trolling or are you just that dense ?

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