EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 4.0

Build 4.0.7702.40872

  • Updated to January 26 Database and Images
  • Restored some missing icons and images
  • Users can make manual updates in the Update Prices grid again.
    Blueprint Tab
  • Required build skills for blueprints with multiple bps will now correctly show when the relevant label is double clicked on the bp tab.
  • Removed runs from component material list when Build/Buy unchecked to reduce confusion since this is a buy list, not build.
  • Component costs for multiple blueprints should now show the buy cost when build/buy is unchecked instead of build cost.
  • Pirate mining drones will now correctly show up in the blueprint combo when selecting pirate drones.
  • Copy to Clipboard function on the BP tab will now copy the Built Components list when clicked if the list is visible.
  • Items in the Built Components list should now show correct run and quantity values that match with the materials in the raw material list.
    Structure Fitting Window
  • Fuel block calculations in the structure fitting window will now apply the structure bonus to services the bonus applies.
  • Added fuel bonus and fuel blocks per day to structure fitting window.
  • Added a list grid for all structure modules as an option as well as icons for the structure fitting window.

Possibly a feature, invention materials will remain on the shopping list when the item being deleted is removed (would be great if this were selectable).

Program is having some problem updating to show recently invented BPCs, I suspect this delay may be on CCPs part and not yours (scanning personal bps for update).

Maybe I am missing the setting somewhere but how can I set a default facility to be for all blueprints? It seems to only save on a per blueprint basis? I’m new to the program (it’s great, thanks)

The reason there is a separation is that you can’t build all items in the same facility in most cases. For instance if you want to build capitals, you can’t build them in high sec, so that’s why they are broken out like that and you can’t save for one facility. Right now you can save facilities for the types listed on the manufacturing tab - eg. capitals, components, etc.

I’ll be looking at making the process simpler but there are also those that want it more complex so it won’t be something easy to do.

Ah, makes sense. As a software developer myself I can understand the issue of balancing competing UX or technical feature requests =)

I’ve been playing the game since 2007 and only now starting to get into industry, to learn a side of EVE I’ve never really touched, EVE IPH has helped a lot!

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Shopping list bug. I got datacores and decryptors for invention the night before the build so deleted the data cores and decryptors from the shopping list. I then copied the list to the clipboard in multibuy format. The encryptors and datacores, that had been deleted, were in the copied list.

Additinally, exporting to multibuy adds in the BPOs, which can get a bit expensive if you don’t catch them and remove them.

I would be nice if there were some way to seperate invention supplies from other materials on the shopping list, so that I could export a multibuy of just the invention components or exclude invention components from a buy.

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More shopping list bugs:

I did have rebuild on load selected (I thought I turned if off, is it resetting). Cleaned everything into containers so that I didn’t have any loose parts around. Put up my build and had leftovers. My guess is that the facilities ME discount is not applying. These items were purchased by selecting export to multibuy and importing the list into Eve.

The cost of the items was somewhat substantially higher when I went to buy than what was listed in IPH. I chalked this up to price variation. Given that items deleted from the shopping list were added back when I exported to multibuy in the last bug report - my guess is that the export to multibuy is pulling from some kind of base list and not the displayed shopping list on the screen.

I’ve run down the numbers on one or two of the leavings and they are consistent with the structure bonus not being applied to what ended up in the exported multibuy list.

As, for some reason, even though I have an asset location checked it will not import assets - this is an expensive bug.

sorry if I’using incorrect topic.
I have installed IPH but I cannot start it, I receive a messagge for “Application error impossible start correct the application” have some suggestion ?

On Win10, when downloading update to Eve IPH, Windows Defender keeps identifying win32/coinminer as trying to be installed by Eve IPH.

It’s a false positive. Please force an update to your windows defender definitions and this should go away. If not, you can put in an exception.

Can you try the binary download? You can extract it to a folder and run it there.

Defender definitions forcibly updated; ran Eve IPH and let it update. Same warning/problem. Will try the binary download later today.

Edit: Downloaded binaries and get the same warnings from Defender. I completely uninstalled EIPH, emptied recycle bin, downloaded new installer, installed. Got the coinminer issue again, allowed it on device (in Defender). Ran EIPH after allowing it, which resulted in a Defender Severe notification for the .exe that it contains Tilevn.A.

Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.DA!ml is indicated when I try to launch your app. Please advise?

See previous messages. Windows defender is throwing a false positive. Please force an update your virus definitions by going to Settings, Windows Security, Virus and Threat protection, Virus and Threat protection updates.

Microsoft has flagged it as not a virus/malware so if this comes up again you can create an exception for it.

I’ll resubmit for this new program but it should flag IPH as safe for any that look like it.

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Great software, I’m loving it so far.

Just wondering though, what does SVR column stand for in the Manufacturing List tab?