EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 5.0

So I’ve only just started to dabble in T2 production. I’ve found the tool very helpful. One thing I’m not sure about is how it factors decryptors into the final cost. For example, if I select a Symmetry Decryptor, which if I understand correctly doesn’t modify the invention probability, it actually show a lower invention cost than if I used no decryptors. I would think it would at least cost as much as the decryptor added to the “no decryptor” cost. What am I missing? (I’m sure its correct, just don’t understand why)

Likely because you get more runs from Symmetry (3). The cost is per run based on the cost of datacores/decryptor. There is a tool tip on the invention costs value that is (datacores + decryptors) / invented runs * runs that gives the cost.

Ah ok yeah that would make sense, thanks!

Build 5.0.7931.29622

  • Fixed an issue where the reaction activity was not loaded in the activity dropdown for facilities on the blueprint tab when switching to different reaction facilities with T3 production.
  • The loading time for blueprints on the blueprint tab should be smoother when switching between Advanced, Processed, and Raw T2/T3 Material Types
  • Users can now save manual ME and TE values, however if a rig is saved on the facility it will clear any manual values saved.
  • Fixed an issue with copy/paste text windows that would crash the program when there was no quantity given for the items pasted in some cases.
  • The shopping list will no longer retain the last items put into copy/paste assets window after used.
  • Rig bonuses will now show correctly on facilities when the ‘Share Facilities for each Character’ is unchecked (e.g. users want to use the same facility for all characters loaded).
  • Invention bonuses will now load correctly for facilities with rigs that have invention bonuses.
  • Reprocessing items in the reprocessing plant will now use correct refine batches for ammunition and charges.
  • Tax rates for stations should now show 10% instead of 100%.

Build 5.0.7935.33256

  • When selecting reactions on the BP Tab, the T2/T3 Material Type options should no longer be disabled for selection.
  • The Reprocessing and Reprocessing Efficiency combo boxes on the Reprocessing Plant should now correctly update when changed.
  • Changing the beancounter implant on the Reprocessing Plant will now correctly update the output rate when used in reprocessing.
  • Updating reprocessing skills will now properly update the ore reprocessing skill tabs to enable/disable different skill types based on selections.

Build 5.0.7980.38564

New things

  • Updated Database and Images to the October 13, 2021 version.
  • Added the ability to update prices for Non-buildable items (e.g., Meta 1-4 modules) for use in the Reprocessing Plant. To use this feature, check the ‘No Build Items’ option on the Update Prices tab. This check box will be unchecked as a default and will not change when the ‘Select/Unselect All Items’ button is pressed but it will be saved with Save Settings.
  • Updated the way IPH accounts for drone skills on the Mining Tab. Users should see more dynamic updates to drone names to select for mining ships and booster ships.
  • Added the ability to view the EVEIPH.log (Error log) from the File menu.
  • Implemented the new v2 authorization endpoints for the November 1, 2021 depreciation of old OAuth endpoints. Users should not experience any issues with this change when adding or updating character data through ESI but please send a bug report if anything is not working correctly.
  • Updated Tax and Broker Fee Calculations to reflect tax restructuring mentioned here: Restructuring Taxes After Relief | EVE Online

Bug Fixes

  • The build price shown in the Components window on Blueprint tab will now correctly display the build cost of the component. Note, if there are excess sell materials this may not be exact if there are other components set to build as other components may use excess materials from other components instead of building them.
  • The total cost shown on the Components window on the Blueprint tab will now show the market cost and not the build cost when buy is selected.
  • Build/Buy checks on the Components window will now translate across all blueprints and not just the one selected.
  • The excess material list will now correctly show the taxes and fees for selling this list.
  • The built components list will now show the built component prie when excess sell materials on the component are factored in and the Built cost, which will not include excess sell components. For components, the excess materials are used by other components for the main blueprint and will only reflect the final excess of the main blueprint.
  • Made several changes to make the excess material list and final output of components and raw items more accurate.
  • Items with no volume in assets will no longer crash program from the reprocessing window when selected from assets.
  • Facilities will now be refreshed throughout IPH when updating a system index on the Blueprint Tab.
  • Saving a tax rate will no longer reset any saved rigs on the selected facility.


I downloaded version 5 from your Github Page, the program is infected with a coinminer. I guess thats not a new feature?

It’s a false positive with Windows Defender. You can ignore it.

Ok, thanks for your answer. Don’t know if I try it then. Things like that kinda freak me out. :wink:

I’ve submitted it to Microsoft to get it removed 6 times and each time it passes their software test but cannot get them to update the definitions for it. I have the results posted in my discord if you want to see them. The code is also open source for anyone to check.
Note, only Windows Defender marks it as a Potentially Unauthorized Application (PUA) but not a virus. All other major virus/malware scanners do not flag it for coin miner or anything else.

Hey there, thanks for the tool - just starting, but it looks awesome!

I have a question about the following use case: lets say I have my production, trading and mining set up over different chars. Now I would like the tool to take skills from differents chars into account while calculating. I was assuming I could do this via the dummy character by just creating a fake “merged” character that uses the highest skills from all my alts combined. But it doesnt look like it does what I think it does, or does it? Can I use the dummy somehow in the described way?

Edit: Nevermind, found it. Had to restart the app, then I was able to override dummies skills as described above.

Edit 2: Ok, so I overrode Dummies skills and “merged” my chars this way. After restarting Dummy is back to his default skills and I cant find where to load the saved “merged” skill setup. Clearly I am misunderstanding something. Any help appreciated.

Sounds like a bug. I’ll take a look.

HI, new to using the program. Seems like a lot of work went into this and I thank you. Much of the app is intuitive once you take some time to play around with it but I would like to ask something.

In the MFG list tab, had a look around. Lots here to choose or not.

In the multi tab area for “captials”, T3 ships, … “base” and components" there is selections under each sub tab for the facility type and location. So questions are:

  • Are these tabs for something I want to build or tabs for looking for those items to buy in the calculations?

  • what happens when I select/unselect the “include usage” check box? Say I dont want the program to look at capitals, T3, sub systems, etc

  • Do I select the location I am going to build in those drop down menus?

For the right bottom of the MFG list tab, there is Price comparison radio selection buttons. One is compare all, one compare build/buy, raw materials and components. What is the overall flow of what these are in the calculations? When I hit calculate I get 3 lines for the same BP I want to make an item from. Raw materials, components and build/buy come up and the profit and IPH is greatly different for each line and I cant tell why from the output.

The manufacturing list is really just a way to compare multiple blueprint options at the same time. Think the blueprint tab but for multiple selections in one spot.

The multi-tab is the type of structures you want to use for those categories of items. For instance, you can’t build a capital ship in high sec so only low/null options are given for that category.

On the price selections, those match the blueprint tab - build/buy is if you had the build/buy check on the bp tab selected, components (buy off market) is the left grid, raw materials (buy all the raw materials to make the components) is the right. It’s just another comparison option.

Just FYI.
Windows 11 is complaining about the program and the updater as potentially unwanted applications.


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I have six BPCs with 15 runs on each one. I want to generate a shopping list for the materials that will cover all materials for all BPCs at max runs. Do I just put the total number of all runs (90) in the “Total Runs:” box? Or is there some way to use “Lines” and “BPs” to accomplish this? Alternately, what are the "Lines: " and “BPs:” boxes actually for? Thanks!

BPs can be used in your scenario maybe…if you do 90 runs, 6 lines, 6 bps. Lines is the number of manufacturing lines you have - so max of 11 per character. BPs is the number of bps you want to use so the runs needs to match up with the other 2 first. It’s mainly for T2 items but let me know if that works out.

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Windows 11 is complaining about the program and the updater as potentially unwanted applications.

Did you do anything about it to run IPH anyway?
I had the same issue with win10 yesterday and since then I can’t use it :cry:

It’s a false positive. Put an exception in and it will run.

Search this thread or do to the discord for more info I e provided on this.

Since the last auto-update, IPH refuses to boot. It seems a table either got corrupted or not added:

Source: EVE Isk per Hour
Message: An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details.  The error is: SQL logic error
no such table: RAM_ACTIVITIES
Raw Error Text: System.InvalidOperationException: An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details.  The error is: SQL logic error
no such table: RAM_ACTIVITIES ---> System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException: SQL logic error
no such table: RAM_ACTIVITIES