EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 5.0

This should be fixed with the update. Let me know if you have any issues.

That did it, it works now!

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So I’ve only just started to dabble in T2 production. I’ve found the tool very helpful. One thing I’m not sure about is how it factors decryptors into the final cost. For example, if I select a Symmetry Decryptor, which if I understand correctly doesn’t modify the invention probability, it actually show a lower invention cost than if I used no decryptors. I would think it would at least cost as much as the decryptor added to the “no decryptor” cost. What am I missing? (I’m sure its correct, just don’t understand why)

Likely because you get more runs from Symmetry (3). The cost is per run based on the cost of datacores/decryptor. There is a tool tip on the invention costs value that is (datacores + decryptors) / invented runs * runs that gives the cost.

Ah ok yeah that would make sense, thanks!

Build 5.0.7928.19957

  • Fixed an issue where the reaction activity was not loaded in the activity dropdown for facilities on the blueprint tab when switching to different reaction facilities with T3 production.
  • The loading time for blueprints on the blueprint tab should be smoother when switching between Advanced, Processed, and Raw T2/T3 Material Types
  • Users can now save manual ME and TE values, however if a rig is saved on the facility it will clear any manual values saved.
  • Fixed an issue with copy/paste text windows that would crash the program when there was no quantity given for the items pasted in some cases.
  • The shopping list will no longer retain the last items put into copy/paste assets window after used.
  • Rig bonuses will now show correctly on facilities when the ‘Share Facilities for each Character’ is unchecked (e.g. users want to use the same facility for all characters loaded).
  • Invention bonuses will now load correctly for facilities with rigs that have invention bonuses.