EVE Isk Per Hour Industry Program - Version 5.0

It’s a false positive. Put an exception in and it will run.

Search this thread or do to the discord for more info I e provided on this.

Since the last auto-update, IPH refuses to boot. It seems a table either got corrupted or not added:

Source: EVE Isk per Hour
Message: An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details.  The error is: SQL logic error
no such table: RAM_ACTIVITIES
Raw Error Text: System.InvalidOperationException: An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for details.  The error is: SQL logic error
no such table: RAM_ACTIVITIES ---> System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException: SQL logic error
no such table: RAM_ACTIVITIES

I have the same problem

@Hari_Denvor That table was removed several patches ago, not sure why you are getting that error. Please provide the data in the eveiph.log file if you can. It’s in the installation directory with the main exe file. If you can get the program to load, you can access the file from the File menu.

I’ll look into it but I’m going to do a database update tonight so let me know if it’s still an issue after that update.

Build 5.0.8017.41095
NOTE: The mining tab has not been updated with the December 7th patch. No values shown there will be correct until updated in a later release.

  • Updated Database and Images to the December 7, 2021 versions.
  • Fixed an issue where users could update the ME and TE of reaction blueprints. This has been corrected but users may need to refresh blueprints or update them through Blueprint Management to make the changes permanent.
  • Fixed bug with formatting the cost index on the Blueprint Tab that would crash the program in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the program if gas mining was selected on the Mining Tab with drones.


Windows just found this “coin miner” running from isk/hr.exe?

A check with Virustotal.com has 2 out of 67 vendors calling it malware.
Considering how long the application has been around, I’d say that looks like a false positive.

Search this thread, I’ve addressed it several times.

Build 5.0.8086.34736

Updated Mining tab for Dec 7, 2021 changes:

  • All new processing skills and Crystals have been added.
  • All mining ships, boosters, and modules have been updated with new attributes.
  • Removed the m3/Cycle column and replaced it with RP (Residue Probability) and RV (Residue Volume) to allow users to see stats for different combinations of crystals and equipment. Note, IPH assumes you have enough ore to mine for an hour, even with Residue so the amounts shown will be only what you mine, not what is destroyed by Residue.
  • Because ore mining crystals can modify cycle times, only the base cycle time is shown on first Calculation. Clicking on a row in the Ore list will show the correct cycle time for the ore and crystal in that line.
  • Mining barges can now be selected for Gas Mining.

Other updates and bug fixes:

  • Updated database and images to February 15, 2022 versions
  • The Reprocessing Plant has been updated to use the new Ore Processing skills.
  • The Ore Conversion settings should now correctly calculate ores needed for item minerals by taking into account the new Ore Processing skills.
  • Faction structure module blueprints will now correctly filter as Pirate faction when selected (e.g., Dread Guristas Standup…).
  • Advanced industry skill will no longer apply to reactions, which resulted in incorrect reaction times.
  • Disabled the Sov Ore and Ice belt flip tools due to new mining updates.
  • Molecular-Forged Reaction Formulas should now be correctly considered as Reactions for usage, facilities, and other calculations.
  • Users will get a more helpful message when a refresh token expires. When keys expire or no longer work, Users can now update authorization tokens (web page character select) by pressing the Refresh Tokens from the Manage Accounts under the File menu 11to update the character selected.
  • The Blueprint Viewer now correctly loads reaction formulas when clicked.

Build 5.0.8135.40816

  • Updated Database and Images to Patch 20.04 (April 5, 2022!) versions
  • Added new Compressed Ore to refining and mining calculations. Batch Compressed Ore has been removed from calculations.
  • Compressed Moon Ore and Compressed Gas will now be options for viewing on the Mining Tab and Update Prices.
  • New Tatara base refining bonus updated to 5.5%
  • The T2 Standup XL Energy Neutralizer will now be correctly marked as T2 instead of T1
  • Fixed several errors with mining drone and booster drone calculations (which were incorrect by a factor of 100) on the Mining Tab.
  • Corrected an error on booster drone calculations for units per hour.
  • Users can now select the Industrial Core for the Orca and Porpoise.
  • Gas Mining cycle time will now take into account ship bonuses.
  • Users can now uncheck ‘Ignore Invention’ when a BPC is marked as Owned but does not have ME/TE values that suggest it was invented (e.g., hacking rewards or T2 BPO copies).
  • Corrected a bug where if Gas was selected as an Ore Type on the Mining Tab, it would disable the refining options even if Refined Ore was selected as an ore type.
  • T2 Crystal Types and Tech options will now be selectable if the Refining Settings are disabled.

a little backward :wink:

LOL thanks. Corrected!

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Build 5.0.8153.42278

Mining Tab

  • Fixed a bug where switching the strip miner would not update the mining amounts properly.
  • The Fleet Booster Ship level will now adjust burst effects properly to mining amounts.
  • Fixed an error that would crash the program when Calculating Ice mining without a drone selected.

Update Prices

  • Replaced EVE Marketer price downloads with Fuzzworks market data. Using this data source is limited to hub systems and regions. The refresh limit is set to 10 minutes by default but can be updated in Application Settings. Note: CCP data is still the most accurate price data that is based on live, in-game prices for all systems with markets as well as structures (public and manually added).
  • The Open Market Browser button will now open to EVE Tycoon’s market page.
    Note: IPH will use EVE Marketer again if the site returns.
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Build 5.0.8165.22498

  • Updated database and images to May 10, 2022 version (Siege Green)
  • Fixed a bug where the csv export of materials cost on the manufacturing tab was formatted with commas.

My device detected this and uninstalled the app from my computer. Not jumping to conclusions but it looks pretty sus to me

Search this thread for info. It’s a false positive and only comes up with windows defender.

Build 5.0.8222.20101

Update Prices Tab

  • Added EVE Marketer back to the list of options for price downloads. NOTE: CCP Data will always be the most accurate price source and the only way to get structure prices from non-public structures.
  • Updated how the price profile and Jita/Perimeter price downloads works to be more accurate.
  • Fuzzworks price download now accepts any system or region for price downloads.
  • Price updates using Fuzzworks data source will be much more accurate when selecting Jita/Perimeter.
  • Made several UI updates to manage different options selected on the Update Prices tab.

Manage Accounts

  • Updated the Manage accounts screen to show if the selected account has director or factory manager roles, which affect what corporation data you can see in IPH (Blueprints, Assets, Corp Jobs).
  • Added the Corporation ID to the options on the Manage Accounts screen to select and copy for debugging purposes.
  • Adding characters from the Manage Accounts section will now update the dropdown on the status bar of the main page.

Other changes

  • Updated database and images to June 30, 2022 version.
  • Fixed an overflow error when calculating ore amounts for large items or runs (e.g., Vanquisher) on the Blueprints tab.
  • The ME value for a new facility will now update correctly when switching to a station from a structure.
  • Updated the shopping list to use the price type downloaded (CCP, Marketer, Fuzzworks) and source of price when Calculating Buy Order / Buy Market and will be more accurate to actual values.
  • Added a new column to the industry jobs tab to show local time when the job will complete.
  • Modified the ESI Status screen to show red when an ESI endpoint is unavailable (prior it wouldn’t show the end point at all).
  • If no drones are selected for the Rorqual, Orca, or Porpoise, the first ore will no longer show a blank refining rate.
  • Copy and pasting assets into the shopping list with the quantity before the item name will no longer cause an error.

Build 5.0.8252.41945

  • Adding certain items to the shopping list will no longer crash the program when viewing the shopping list.
  • Clicking on the Favorites option in the Blueprint Viewer will no longer crash the program
  • Named Components will now show up in the Price Profiles list of Materials & Research Equipment
  • The systems combo on the Set Defaults section of Price Profiles will now update with system names for selection.
  • Facility Refine Yields will now display correctly on the Reprocessing Plant window.
  • Cut and Paste import on the Reprocessing Plant will now import data to the list with an item in one line.

Switching characters mangles the blueprint selection drop-down on the blueprints tab.

BTW, jEveAssets managed to pull container names from ESI, so it is possible :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Not seeing the issue with the bp tab but send a screenshot to me or post in the discord.

Container names? That could be something they added and I didn’t see. I’ll look into it because that would be nice to add.