EVE-O Preview v5.0.0 "Scourge" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2019-07-12 ]

Windows 10 has built-in multiple desktop support + hotkeys to switch between these desktops. Could be a workaround (also there won’t be any traces of EVE clients in the taskbar)

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I never thought about this…gonna have to check it out.

Just tested it out, and it works as long as the “Hide previews when EVE client is not active” setting is selected, without that the previews stay up even on a new desktop.

Works well enough like that though, thanks for the idea!

Thanks for your help. In step 4 the clients do indeed still open on my primary monitor, as I prefer… and it is only when starting EVE-O Preview that they move to the secondary monitor (where the thumbnails are, btw, once I log in… but before I log in they’re at the top left corner of my primary monitor).

So yes, per 4.4 I was going to send you the config file, but I noticed some of my X and Y coordinates on my alts were a bit off from my mains, so I went ahead and manually fixed that and then I saw what I think was causing this behavior:

“”: {
“X”: 0,
“Y”: 0,
“Width”: 0,
“Height”: 0
“EVE”: {
“X”: 1910,
“Y”: 19,
“Width”: 1936,
“Height”: 1103

In among my 9 toons on 3 accounts and their X / Y / W / H settings, there were these two lines with no names on them. I snipped the above out of the config file and saved, re-opened EVE-O Preview and now it leaves the clients on the primary monitor as I wish. So I’m not sure if I did something that caused those lines above to get added to the config file or not, but thanks to you directing me to the config file, I discovered them. ;D

So, in the end, all is well again and I can go back to enjoying EVE-O Preview as much as ever, except this time with all 9 of my thumbnail previews in exactly the same config, which is nice, too! ^___^

Is there a way to bind:

  • modifier keys (like shift+F11)
  • mouse buttons (I have 12 on my thumb)
  • functions keys from 13 upwards (F13->F24, my mouse seems to be able to simulate those even if I don’t have them on my keyboard)

Working great so far with 4 accounts, but I’m having trouble finding unused keybinds for more accounts.
Thank you.

I’ve found that using EVE-O Preview in combination with Window Grid really helps to keep things organized across several accounts and monitors, one thing that might be nice is allowing a custom window title to be displayed in custom colour and anchored to desired location over window when Show Frame is off. A GUI menu for custom keybinds to make specified window active would be nice too.