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Scientists locate likely origin for the dinosaur-killing asteroid

Known as the Chicxulub impactor, this large object has an estimated width of 6 miles (9.6 kilometers) and produced a crater in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula that spans 90 miles (145 kilometers). After its sudden contact with Earth, the asteroid wiped out not only the dinosaurs, but around 75 percent of the planet’s animal species. It is widely accepted that this explosive force created was responsible for the mass extinction that ended the Mesozoic era.

The impactor in the article brings up an interesting discussion. Since the impactor killed off 75% of life on the Earth when it collided with Earth we can paint an image of the Earth and determine a more precise, but not direct impact on when life started on Earth.

When the impactor collided with Earth, not only did the collision throw millions of tons of dirt and dust into the atmosphere that blocked out the Sun, the impact also caused widespread amounts of carbon dioxide to blanket the Earth, resulting in a suffocating veil that the Sun was unable to penetrate for many years.

Now, if we rewind the events of the Earth, to a point when the Earth was constantly being bombarded by small impactors on a daily basis that had been orbiting the Sun and resulted in a 25% increase in mass of the six mile wide dino killer, we can see that total destruction of Earth’s surface would have taken place at 100%, every day until the collisions stopped.

The Earth could have been solid at this point, much like the planets of Alpha Centauri are thought to be rocky precipice of life. Water might not have been present yet on Earth, as any water source would have quickly evaporated due to trees and plants not being present to consume the water and create air by consuming carbon dioxide as well.

Imagine a large rocky plain with carbon dioxide clouds as thick as soup. Any water on the Earths surface would quickly evaporate and then bond with the carbon. Not until the Earth cooled to point of 68 degrees would the first lakes of water begin to take form. Prior to water forming as liquid on Earth, life would not have existed, not even in stasis as DNA and RNA requires liquid water to exist.

Since water is lighter than carbon dioxide at the molecular level. the warm, evaporating water would have risen above the carbon dioxide clouds and cooled into rain. Rain that could have helped the dust settle, like you would see a roller on paving crew using to keep the dust down, help cool the pavement as well as not sticking to the pavement, which in this case would be the soil. As the carbon dioxide was beat into the ground by the rain as well as rising into the atmosphere, like a dwarven warrior with a large hammer type of beating, the Sun was finally able to regulate the temperature of the Earth that allowed for liquid water to be constant. So at whatever point the Earth’s troposphere cooled to 68 degrees is when water begin to form on Earth.

At about 140 million years old, fossils from a huge dinosaur dug up in Argentina might be the oldest titanosaur yet discovered, scientists announced this week in a new study.

Titanosaurs are a group of long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs that may have been the largest animals ever to walk the Earth, according to Reuters.

The dino killing roid struck 65 million years ago and either orbited the Sun for 75 million years or traveled from another location in the galaxy for 75 million years before colliding with the Earth.

StarChild: The Asteroid Belt.

Monkey’s commonly thought of as the closest relatives to humans come into existence roughly 30 million years ago with humanity having a recorded history of coming into existence around 300,000 years ago.

So why didn’t humans develop around the same time that dino’s developed 140 million years ago? The environment would have been good enough for humans to thrive in, but we don’t see humanity coming into the history of the Earth until 300,000 years ago or 27 million years after monkeys.

Therefore the asteroid that struck 65 million years ago and killed off the dinosaurs was the asteroid that carried the necessary components for monkeys to come into being and then later on, humans.

But did the dino roid come from inside the Sol System from a 75 million year orbit around the Sun, or did the Dino Roid come from deep space where other similar roids, encountered planets like Earth, filled with carbon and slowly developing water that orbited a yellow dwarf star just like our own?

I would have to say the later.

There is life in the Universe other than on Earth.

Two hydrogen rich gaseous planets discovered.

Finding fossils at the bottom of a crater lake on Mars.

If marine life did exist on Mars, in the past, then what better place to look for life than the bottom of a crater?

The crater in the article reports the depth of the crater at more than 1 mile deep. As the last fish in the crater died, sank to the bottom and were not consumed, the remains of the fish would have settled onto the bottom of the crater floor.

Silt would then have covered the fish up, preserving the fossils for a very long time due to the relative inactivity of Martian plate tectonics that would have, over time, ground the bones into base elements as the plates returned the Martian soil to the core of the planet.

Finding water on Exo Planets

I would have to speculate that there is life in that galaxy that is 12 billion light years away.

The Milky Way galaxy might be a shoreline galaxy.

A shoreline galaxy is basically the ocean racing onto a beach, leaving behind small snails that have been carried several miles from out at sea before racing back out into the ocean.

The galaxy 12 billion light years away could have erupted that then sent enough fluorine in our direction to help promote life on Earth.

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I am wondering if there are songs like Despacito in other, distant galaxies?

Joking aside, there are also lots of alien sightings going on in the world right now. What is your take on this, @DrysonBennington ?

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Some or most of those alien sightings are fakes to generate media controversy, a small percentage are actually real, thus the involvement of the media to cover for the aliens by generating 99% fake alien sighting stories, whole the 1% of factual alien sightings and their locations are discounted with the other 99%.

Food can be grown on Mars.

Using the same controlled environment as the experiments in the article were, plants can be grown in the same environment, but on Mars.

Mars can be colonized.

Tracking the point of Origins and Life in the Universe

I was reading how copper isn’t part of the human DNA but sites on DNA where copper then binds to our DNA.

Pretty cool.

If science is able to pinpoint the approximate time in the expansion of the Universe relative to the Big Bang when the amount of copper that binds to our DNA would have been hot enough yet cool enough, we can calculate numerous things such as:

The soul of life, primarily thought, coming into being.

With the soul of life pinpointed , science would be able to draw a map around the initial Big Bang point where life might have started in other galaxies that are the same age as the Milkyway, but were only spinning clouds of dust.

Copper is a must have element that humans can’t produce naturally . Therefore the human body would not exist without copper and other metallic elements that the brain uses to send electrical signal across.
The point
our mind knew it needed copper to advance is the point when the consciousness really took off.

The History of Space, never seen before now, through the eye of the JWST set to launch Christmas morning.

The JWST launched this morning…that moment when the sun light reflected off the hull of the JWST. (1:50:40/2:14:33)
JWST, the keyhole to the door of the Universe.
The Persis Khambatta Effect.
When the final sequence is keyed from Earth, logic…and a lot of foolish human emotions…
Emergent Cascade
When humans take their first look through the JWST, they will find twelve, granite pillars, extending upwards into space. Each pillar of brilliant shine, an uncountable numbers of stars set into holders, the light welcoming humanity. Beyond the pillars, the approaches to a vast and distant galaxy, through the outer dust field of ebbing pink and yellow, past the outer planets to the inner planets ringed with asteroids, the pink star, nestled in a nebula of crimson and gold. Humanity turned the key and opened the door. Beyond the door I saw, Man and Woman in Vitruvian ornamentation set hand in hand on a crown of brilliant silver. Her hair thundered the colors of rocket fire and smoke. Growing as tall as light year before me, I set my look upon her crown from far below. Centered in her crown, the Pink Keyhole Star. Above her crown, three stars of yellow brilliance, one of man, one of woman, in Vitruvian with their child above them as the third. All around the pillars, clouds of light blue and gray swirl as the emergent cascade forms between the Interstellar Queen and humanity.
Like the red and black wings of the butterfly the emergent cascade creates an inseparable bond between humanity and time, like the bulbs in an hour glass, but the wings of the butterfly. Then I watched her dive into the depths of the unknown ocean, hair flowing in the interstellar winds.
Exiting fold…New stars billions of light years away, brought to within inches from our fingertip, the butterfly field of cascade emergence as the energy, comfort and curiosity from billions of light years away warms the tip of the finger as the light passes from those into our very being to create anew. In that moment, when I pulled my finger away from the star, the bulbs of time, the star and the energy in my fingertip, the star from billions of light years away, the Vanant Garden butterfly is created.

The perfect spearhead, edge of blade, the perfect crystal set atop a staff.

…the final frontier.

The Front Against Aliens

I want to take an approach that many probably have not thought of yet regarding aliens.

Why don’t we see aliens foraging on Earth?

The Toes of the Aliens.

There are three toes on each foot of the aliens in many photos taken of aliens.

The main function of your toes is to provide posture and balance, support our body weight, and propulsion during the gait cycle. Not only do your toes help thrust your body forward when you walk, they actually help increase the length of your stride allowing you to run faster.
The planet that the three toed aliens came from would have less gravity than Earth but would still require the alien to run. Less gravity means less mass that would effect the aliens posture that also translates into the alien being able to run on their planet, but would most likely not be able to walk, at all on the surface of the Earth. Humans however could walk on the aliens planet without any problems and might even be the superior species given the fact the area of our feet would cover a wider area while running or walking.
Experiments on Earth in determining what level of gravity humans can still run and walk in could pinpoint a specific size of planet where the gravity is less than Earth’s but would still allow for three toed aliens to walk around normally.

One explanation for the ‘three toe marks’ found at the Skinwalker Ranch could be an alien with three toes was set down on the ground, took a few steps, couldn’t walk normally and was then taken back up into the ship.

Unless the aliens come from a planet similar to Earth and have at least four or five toes, the aliens we come across will in fact be encased in a suit that would allow their lower extremities to function on Earth while breathing in the air normally.

Of Aliens and Covid.

Aliens wouldn’t be very capable of invading Earth, the logistics to support their bio-adaptive suits would be enormous. The logistics involved with a three toed alien invasion of Earth would be similar to the logistics in supporting heavily armored knights of the medieval era.
But, the logistics would still not be impossible.

If a three-toed alien species wanted to invade Earth, the alien species would find a host to infect with a virus, an animal species that is similar to the alien, three toed.

The Three-Toed invaders would descend to Earth, find a location where meat is sold at and is not properly cared for, a wet-market. The 3T species then ventures into the jungle, injects a virus into a commonly eaten wet market animal, the animal then gets sick while at the wet market, a kid comes buys, pets the infected animal and within days, a world wide pandemic that cannot be stopped.

Once the population of Earth has been reduced to manageable numbers due to the virus and wars over rights being spurred on by conspiracy theorists, the aliens would then emerge in their bio-suits to conquer Earth.

The Three Toes are dangerous, its the five toed alien variants that are not from Earth that would be the planet cleaners.

The easiest and best way to communicate with aliens.

Let’s, for the moment go back in time to when humans are painting stick figures on cave walls. Paintings on cave walls would have been the first language that humans used to understand their surroundings.

40 cavemen would have understood that a group of stick figures on the cave wall represented a herd of deer or other wild animal the cavemen were hunting.

Thousands of years later ancestors of the cavemen would have determined that a certain sound or group of sounds would be used to represent the herd of deer as talking would become a much faster form of communication then dragging the cave group back to the cave for remedial picture classes on what a deer was compared to an antelope.

Ugh is not Uggh. Write it on the cave wall 100 times.

Now, an alien species comes across Earth during the time humans were just beginning to record events using paintings on cave walls. Those aliens then leave and continue on their journeys.

An alien receiving a signal from Earth using words really wouldn’t be able to distinguish the words from baby babble.

Buy if you were to broadcast a series of signals that translated into stick figures of animals taken from the walls of the caves, the aliens might suddenly realize that the planet with the uprights that painted on walls is now able to send those same drawings into space, might become intrigued and return to Earth and possibly give humanity advanced forms of propulsion and other tools necessary for progress.

In retrospect, speaking was the not the first form of communication. The first form of sdvsnced communication was seeing a herd of deer and then painting those deer on a cave wall.

The Relevance of Zero Being Greater Than You Think.

The key to understanding how UFO’s fly could be hidden in the very numerals we use on a daily basis, especially the numeral zero.

Zero is thought to be the absolute of nothing, no value at all. Which is not true at all. You have a set of numbers 0-9 written perfectly within a 5mm wide by 5mm box. All of the cross frames of each number are written so that the center line of each is the same as the others.

When all of the numbers have been written perfectly, stretch the lines of each number out so that a straight line is created is created.

Within each number that has been written and then arranged in a straight, the mass and energy of each number is contained within the line.

Zero would have its own mass and energy level that would be greater than the number 1. Even though 1 is a positive number, the energy and mass that goes into writing the number 1 is less than the energy and mass that goes into writing 0. The total length of 0 covers more distance than one does as well.

A number standard of assigning energy and mass input when writing numerals, especially Zero, needs established.
Because Zero, when written or drawn on paper does cause the paper to act as if a spherical body has been placed on the paper that causes a dip in the gravity of the paper to appear. The larger the zero that is drawn, the larger the dip, which is comparable to how a transiting planet causes a dip in the light curve of a star.

‘X particle’ from the dawn of time detected inside the Large Hadron Collider

New Eden…is real

Excellent, five star video.

The section of the video that I am focusing on is the Mesozoic Period at 43:25 of the video.

During the Mesozoic Period two events lead to the evolution of humans on Earth. The first is a dark nebula passing through the Sol System and then the Dino Killing roid. After both of these events occurred is when humans finally evolved or came to Earth.

I think the Dino Killer roid was a companion to the dark nebula, possibly both remnants from a region in space that harbor human looking life. If you look at the other sections of the video, the Crown events produce hybrids of reptiles only. Its not until the dark nebula and the asteroid events do we see human life emerging on Earth. I would have to say that fragments of human life were possibly contained in the nebula or the asteroid itself. Based on the other Crowning events of the Earth’s past that are reptilian only based, something in the dark nebula caused a Crowning event that changed the biology of the cells seen at the beginning of the video. Otherwise the Crowning’s of the dark nebula would have simply have created more reptiles, if the dino roid had not collided with Earth. The foundations of human life on Earth could have started when the dark nebula passed through the Sol System, were mostly destroyed by the dino roid, but then evolved to the new world after the destruction had subsided.

The key to finding life in the Milky Way would be to track where the dark nebula came from and where it has gone to, because somewhere along the course of the dark nebula are other solar systems very similar to Earth. I would also have to say that an angular change in human DNA compared to other DNA of life on Earth prior to humans could reveal the angle that the dark nebula collided with Earth. Another way to track the dark nebula’s course would be to determine how much the Earth was tilted prior to the dark nebula and how much the Earth tilted after the mass of the dark nebula might have caused a tilt in the Earth as the nebula passed through.

If the dark nebula is partly or entirely responsible for human life on Earth, then that same nebula would have passed through worlds in our solar system and created an evolutionary change on planets with water beneath a frozen surface.

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” - Spock

The trouble with UFOs is that again and again the ‘best ever’ cases fall by the wayside.

Have you seen Mick West effectively explain away ( in a very satisfactory manner ) the Pentagon’s ‘go fast’ UFO video ? It’s very clear that the ‘speed’ of the object is merely a parallax effect.

Did you know that the infamous Japan Airlines UFO in Alaska was first seen in the very same area of the sky as a close conjunction of Mars and Jupiter ? I even checked this myself in Stellarium astronomy software.

We can make sensible change.

Currently, a Type II civilization would be able to build a Dyson Sphere.

Why in the Hell would you consume all of your solar systems resources just build a Dyson Sphere around your star, knowing that in ten billion years, the star will die out and leave you trapped in system with bo means of traveling to another solar system?

Instead, A Type II civilization would have the ability to build Seeder Ships that could be sent in the direction of likely planetary candidates that are habitable.

Seeder Ships wouldnt require as many resources as a Dyson Sphere would. Besides, who wants to live on the surface of a light bulb?

neat idea, i like it!

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