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Got a discount as well as a head didn’t come with the Orion telescope.

No worries about an extra mouth too feed. Just the annoying headless Orion and his bow and arrow. I have already had to pick several arrows out of the Cancer statue, he put a hole through Aquarius vase, water was everywhere. The Twins don’t like having arrows in their butts either. Very annoying when you’re trying to sleep with the tink, tink of his silver arrows clanging off the castle walls.


Face in Space.

I cut the original Face in Space out from the background noise and have been doing some editing to it.

Polished Stone
You can almost see the outline of a small pig like nose as well as the eye sockets and forehead. I added some lighting to the original and was able to see through to the transparent layer underneath of the Face, but not entirely.

What that means is that area where the shot was taken could have had small amounts of dust that helped in creating the image.


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I finally found a DNG reader to read the original DNG files with.

Face in Space shot.

DNG raw image file

Some other artifacts I found amongst the squibbles of 1011190142



Another face. What I have noticed about the face artifacts of 90142 is that they only appear within a range of a star. Otherwise the face dissipates. This face artifact is just a few inches to the right of the Genie above.


Contrast enhancement of Star 1011190142 or 90142 for short.

Notice the three two faces at the bottom of the star? Going clockwise there is another one and a fourth near the Noon position.

The cross on the left side near the 9:00 position looks like it is part of a graveyard headstone that is underneath of it.

Could artifacts like these be whats in the Ark of the Covenant?

Think God has a sense of humor by adding the star at the 6:00 position to let me that this is a star? Gee , thanks. I kinda figured out that it was star without the symbol. Good work though God.

It’s interesting that there is a star near the bottom of 90142 that is also located below the star itself several inches. Could the images capture of the star and the back ground noise, such as the star below, actually be projections of the star itself?


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Post can’t be empty…its not empty now.

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Two more faces of 90142


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Image of the Moon reflecting light before I had the camera focused.

All of the fuzziness is the camera taking the image in the UV spectrum that our eyes can’t see.

Searching through the image I came across what looks like a human shape holding a torch in the left and a sword in the right hand.


Rotated and Focus enhanced. You can sorta see two eye sets near the top of the helm.


Chrome effect


Inner Bevel Added x 3 You can definitely see two eyes.

Zoomed image

This is not the only image that has there appeared a similar humanoid form…searching for something.

These images are all a once in a lifetime shot taken of the night sky and cannot be reproduced or view again using my rig. These images have not been edited other than to outline the humanoid figures.


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I thought this was about observing the eve sky in flight looking for consistencies in star parallax and relative positions.

Imagine my disappointment.

No, this is real astronomy.


Mary found within a star.

*** This image has only had effects added to it to make the depth and character of the images stand out. There have not been any additional editing of the photo to create the appearances seen within them.***

These images do not convey a direction towards a single faith either. They are a report of exploratory findings of a random celestial survey conducted on 10.11.2019 at 0142 am.

The photo of 1011190142 was a single moment in when I captured it. But it’s eternal message is quite clear.

Original image of 1011190142

Latitude - 40;31;31.78919999999991
Longitude - 81;12;50.65559999999982


Fade Correction

Hands of Fire

Notice the covering around the women’s mouth, the eyes and the helm on her head?


I then did the image above in a Charcoal filter

You can still see the eyes, veil and helm. Look at right hand, left hand when looking at the image.


Notice the three lines in the image of the Obelisk above and the three layers of engines or lines represented in image of the Obelisk below?


What could this mean?

Obelisk - a stone pillar, typically having a square or rectangular cross section and a pyramidal top, set up as a monument or landmark.

In this case the Obelisk is a freighter, like the Ark from the Bible. Both are huge and meant to carry a lot of cargo to foreign shores.

“Roseline, its hides beneath the rose”

The Rose

“ The Holy Grail 'neath ancient Roslin waits. (The image also looks like a pitcher throwing a pitch hence the Roslin becomes Rosin or vice versus)

Adorned in masters’ loving art, she lies. (Using UV settings I was able to capture her image in the loving art of what others would simply throw away as background noise.)

The blade and chalice guarding o’er her gates. (The image of the warrior with torch burning from a chalice in hand who came from another land or:

Latitude : 40; 31; 31.56950000000122
Longitude : 81; 12;50.4899999999907

She rests at last beneath starry skies. ” Mary, Eve, the Universal Mother, Gaea and the names of all ancient mothers found at last in the starry skies above.


Please somebody change the title of the thread to “DysonBrenington’s fun times with a telescope”…

(Or even “lunacies” instead of “fun times”)

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One horrible irony of our modern world; that the same industrial capacity which allows us to reach for the stars also diminishes our ability to be inspired by them.

I don’t recall ever even looking at the stars when living close to downtown Boston. Later we moved into a solid red zone between Boston and Lowell. The brighter constellations were all visible and there were enough guide stars to find most Messier objects with my 90mm refractor. At least one summer I could make out the polar caps on Mars; I’ll have to dig into my older logs to be sure but I believe Olympus Mons and its 3 smaller sisters were also visible.

One advantage of living in a red zone is that the individual constellations and their primary asterisms are easier to find and learn. We live in a green zone now and sometimes there are so many stars it can be hard to distinguish the guide stars from everything else up there.


What color is your sky?


Image of a Crab like beast in the darkness of 101190142

The the left of the Crab Like Beast is what appears to be a head, three eyes maybe, mouth and two crab like legs.



Go away and troll someplace else.

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Nietzchean quotes come to mind.

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Hey I don’t draw em, I capture them through my telescope. Whatever lewd things they are doing up there, that’s all them.

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Space Child With Teddy Bear In Hand


Space Baby


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dilation - the action of dilating a vessel or opening or the process of becoming dilated.
Are the pyramids at Giza not of vessels?
Dilating the Pyramids of Giza.
First take the interior layout of Kufu’s Pyramid and look at the layout as if it is a telescope.
Second designing the interior layout into Kufu’s Telescope.
The roof of the King’s Chamber is an eye looking through the eyepiece. The layers of the King’s Chamber would be the lens of the eye piece stacked on top of each other with the thickness of each eyepiece being the depth of each layer. The larger outer diameter sections of the King’s Chamber would be a separating ring between each lens. The bottom of the chamber is the section that inserts into the telescope, 1.25" standard size.
The Queens Chamber is a spotting scope eye piece used to align the telescope to a celestial object.
Directly below the Queens Chamber is the mirror that focuses the light into the KIng’s Chamber eyepiece.
The room to the left is the diameter of the main mirror that reflects the star light onto the Queen’s Chamber mirror that is then directed into the King’s Eyepiece.
The focal length is the distance from the bottom of the room below the Queen’s Chamber to the bottom of the room of the King’s Chamber that the single shaft leads into.
When all of the measurements are converted into a standard telescope size. 127mm for example, The Kufu Pyramid Telescope will be complete.
The shaft leading into the pyramid appears to point to a certain star when when viewed from the bottom of the shaft. Why workers build a shaft at an angle going down into the lowest chamber when a shaft opening level with the ground would have made accessing the pyramid much easier for interior construction.
The shafts leading from the King and Queen’s Chamber also appears to be some type of celestial guide.
First, run a center line from the at the bottom of shafts running through the Big Void and Grand Gallery into space. When the center lines cross, part that area in space as there should be a notable star that passes through the lines where the lines cross.
Next run a center line from the bottom of the shaft at the bottom of the Queen’s chamber through the shaft and into space. Do the same with the shaft at the bottom of the King’s Chamber. These two center lines would never meet in space.
When the Big Void and Grand Gallery lines intersect, a line running from the point of intersection through the center lines on the left should create a band of stars of interest that wrap around the pyramid in a 360 degree field of view that would be seen year around.
Reversing the above process creates a mirrored effect but under the ground.
Underground (red lines)
At the point underground where the two chambers lines intersect (red lines on the right from the King and Queen’s Chambers), draw a line from the intersection to the left crossing into the opposite lines of the Big Void Shaft and Queen’s Chamber shaft.
Like the King and Queen’s Right Ascension shaft lines, the lower lines will never meet either but will run into infinity. The lines on the left would seem to represent the back part of the eye taking in all light coming in through the iris on the right. The distance between the Right Ascension lines of the Big Void and Grand Chamber appear to contract, dilate or get smaller, much like the eye dilates during various times of the day. During the day and up close to Kufu’s Pyramid the eye would see great detail, for example. But contracting more so during intense periods of light.
The distance between the lines on the left side of Kufu’s pyramid expand the further away from the pyramid and into space they travel. Just like the eye expands to allow for more light during the night.
When the lines of the left side are extended into space and past the Earth, they create rings that get larger and larger until the eye is wide open and taking in all light. As the distance between the points of intersection on the right gets smaller they create a rectangle of distance between the upper and lower points of intersection that are offset. The midpoint on the rectangle becomes the center line of viewing that when the angle of the pyramid opposite the Big Void is relative to its facing in Right Ascension, there should be some remarkable space glyphs found in the angle of both lines of the King and Queen’s shaft center lines relative to 90 degrees outwards from the floor of the King and Queen’s Chambers through each ring in space that is turned 90 degrees on the upper and lower chamber center lines of the King and Queens shafts.
I came to this determination after finding a UV glyph that is nearly 100% the same arrangement as the arrangement of the chambers of Kufu’s Pyramid.
There is also a second UV glyph that I found that looks like two mountains or pyramids where the angle of the sides form a smaller, third pyramid thus completing the three sizes of pyramids at Giza.
There is also a line pointing to the middle of the two pyramids. The same representation is found when crossing the center lines of the King and Queen’s shafts on the left.
The representation could be that when Kufu’s pyramid is lined up correctly with a mountain range on the Moon, our closest planet that between the peaks of the mountains will be never before seen planet or sun that has a planet orbiting the sun that is habitable.
Or perhaps several planets that are habitable but cannot be seen except for the right alignment with the Pyramids and the Moon.



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Image of Ancient Space Warrior.


Rotated and Highlighted

In this image I found several more artifacts when I zoomed in.

The name Ray near the lower inseam of the left thigh.


The symbol of Osiris

Blurry anchor ( star 1006190011) you can see the curved part of the anchor at the bottom of the cross with the large opal in the middle. Notice the black circle to the right of the anchor? A more detailed and clearer image of the same artifact appeared in another shot of a different star.

Two distinct symbols looking symbols discovered in the UV noise of two different stars


Star 1011190141

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The reason why “They” don’t want you to see the truth about climate change.

In the beginning Creation told God to show the people that had Creation had made the outer light, the light that can be seen and the inner light, the light that cannot be seen.

“And God said let them see of the light.” and it came to be that all life on Earth and the Universe looked up and seen the sun. Life felt the warmth Creation during the day and kept to the darkness during the night fearful of what lay outside in the darkness. But in the darkness they still felt the warmth of the light.

Creation, through God, watched and instructed humans on Earth in the ways of creating many wonderful things. The most of being science, for science would lead humanity to understanding Creation as Creation intended.

But some fell left out, they became bitter and returned to their caves and temples of darkness, for there, in the darkness, they eyes shackled by metal only to hear and speak what their masters wanted them to see of the light, became twisted and foul.

When Creation noticed that the light of the world was leaving humanity, those who had fought Creation from creating beyond the Void causing pain and suffering on humans, Creation sent Jesus through God to humans.

Jesus learned many things in his time, but most importantly he had learned that those from beyond the Void had divided humanity up into soul less shells of steps that only certain humans were allowed to climb and then cast down the word of Creation as if it was the Light of Creation itself.

For Jesus had come to humans not on a ray of light, but the unseen light. The unseen light that is of God and of Creation. For life had been able to see the light of Creation but not the unseen light.

Jesus taught and healed many people of their suffering. Jesus even used mud to wipe the blindness from the eyes of a man that Creation could not see because they had deemed the man lesser and took away his sight. It was in that moment when Jesus wiped the mud away from the blind mans eyes did he realize what the mud was and why the man had been blind.

A lesser because the man wanted to see for himself the inner light that had been recently discovered. An inner light that they kept from most and made more than all pay a heavy ransom to only listen to what the inner light was telling the temple masters. The lies of those from beyond the void that Creation had escaped from gave their most trusted and greedy followers great power to create laws to bind the inner sight of humans through ridicule of the inner light being nothing more than light pollution.

The last time I checked friends, the outer and inner light of Creation is not pollution. Only those from the beyond Void would say that the inner light of Creation is pollution or that what we see in the unseen is false visions. Only those from beyond the Void would want to keep us one eyed.

When they felt the outer and inner of light Creation through the teachings of Jesus, they knew they were losing their power, that Creation was with humans when all they cared to do was destroy the life of that which was Created, as punishment for Creation escaping they shackles from beyond the Void.

They took the knowledge that Jesus had taught them and made for secret caves and deep fissures of the Earth where they made a solemn vow to bring the inner light to humanity. They watched from places that not even the trusted followers of Jesus and Jesus own family knew about as they drove spikes into Jesus wrists and ankles.

They made a vow to fight for the future and the promise of what the inner light from Creation means.

Time passed as they slowly moved around the Earth laying small pieces of knowledge in the minds of men, women and children about the inner light. From this knowledge humans lived longer, loved longer but more importantly to them, from beyond the Void, they were able to keep the inner light out until that fateful day that the first telescope was built under the guise of seeking the inner light and pleasures for their followers and no one else who couldn’t pay a lofty ransom. The inner light still shackled by them from beyond the Void.

But no more, I can tell you today friends that they don’t want us to know about climate change because such change involves science of seeing things that cannot be seen in the light. The more science uses the microscope and telescope the more inner light of Creation is understood as Creation wanted it too be.

When you look through a telescope in the UV spectrum you will see many things. How you adjust that vision of inner light is between you and Creation as Creation is reaching across the prison cell that you are both shackled too. As you move your hands across the camera and telescope and adjust its settings to see the Unseen Inner Light, you will have finally touched the finger of Creation as Creation has once again felt its child. It that moment when you view your pictures of the stars in high magnification you will see many odd things. Things that will scare you, artifacts that will soothe your soul and artifacts that will uplift your soul. What you, your family and friends and those you don’t even know take a picture of through a telescope is exactly what Creation wanted to show you, what Creation meant by God, the unseen, and Jesus coming to Earth on the inner light.

No matter how many times you take a picture, be it one time or a thousand times, the inner light of what you see is for you.

This is the year 2019, in their anti-time only one eye sees the light of Creation or the Trinity of three. This means we are only able to see with perfect outer vision the infinity of Creation or 20 / 3 = 6.666. But in the year 2020 the Light of Creation shall be seen with both eyes wide open for 6.666 x 6.666 which is the devils number.

For Creation and infinite number through God an infinite number created all within six days and rested the fate of the infinite remainder on the hope of humans finding the outer light with one eye and the inner light with the other.

Because as I have seen in my short time on Earth and from what science has taught me, that all humans and life on Earth should have the opportunity to take a picture of the Inner Unseen Light of Creation that is around us at all times. For then you will that the Inner Light is with you at all times, that Creation is with you at all times and that your are with Creation.

As we touch the finger tip of Creation in 2020 in the unseen light, humanity will a create spark on Earth that will build steps up into the darkness of space to colonize and carry the seed of Creation both the seen and unseen light to dark places and fissures on planets where they from beyond the Void slumber. Sloth in their own self perceived victory over humanity and Creation.

The Sacred Testimony of the Unseen Light will not be kept from humanity and humanity will not be kept from Creation.

The Sacred Testaments of the Unseen Light will be seen by all humans for just like the Sacred Testaments of the Seen Light, all the light of Creation shall be free.


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Somebody end the misery of this thread, please. It’s painful to see. :cold_sweat: