EVE Online board game

ouch. I thought sarcasm and irony were the only true golden ammo :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s. can’t even read your (hidden) post, they’ve taken away the option to view those - also a recent thing, unironically

p.s.2. Already thinking about expansions to the board game, Accessories, yessirreee !

  • Card drawn: wear the Silly Noob hat from the expansion kit for five rounds
  • Card drawn: Bombing Run - drink 3 Jägerbombs during the next round using the shot glass provided in the expansion kit
  • Opportunity card: wear the Cat Ears and miauw at the pizza delivery guy until he goes away again - also serves as a “Get Out of Jita in One Piece” card

Yes, this game definitely has potential. In true EvE fashion, players will make the rules, no doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. multibox - buy multipple boxes of EVE Offline
  2. bot - buy a robot to play instead of you
  3. scam - you scream “pizza has arrived!” to distract and swiftly pick their ISK when no one is looking

Seems easy, except for botting :wink:


I feel that once released we all can have so much fun.


It could also be hazardous, pvp and all. Need Concord volunteers :rofl:


The other night I had joined the Eve Online Discord in hopes to find like minded individuals to play such board game outside of New Eden if you catch my drift.


So you plan to play EVE Offline through the internet, turning it into EVE Online? :thinking: :slight_smile:

Joke aside not a bad idea if you do. I sometimes watch internet based tabletop roleplay session videos and they can be a lot of fun even just to watch and I know there are board game sessions of similar kind as well so might worth setting up with people and maybe even recording it and uploading to youtube or something.


Btw @Wadiest_Yong an ISD has restored the second post (which has the golden die reference) thus you now can check it out if you want. :wink:


Let’s wait for the Eve Online board game to be released.


I see a man of culture.

–Gadget agrees

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When does the first release of the Eve Online card game with dice come out?

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In 2006 according to this webpage:

I think @Iceacid_Frostpacker was talking about this game. Since this is a crowd funded game made in Szczecin, Poland. It should be available between next week and never. Here is their track record. It seems like a pretty stable company. You can hit the “Notify me on Launch” button then they will send you a notice, when it gets ready to ship.

Titan Forge Games is a subsidiary of Hi-Rez Studios - Wikipedia



Look at the pieces. They are on pedestals. It seems bad for a couple if reasons.

  1. It looks bad (opinion)
  2. It requires more material
  3. they take up more space (should we bring this on the holiday? no the box is too big)
  4. The pieces become delicate to move (its a board game, pieces will move around, they should not be delicate)

Thats all for now… Im not a board game expert for the record. Not sure if people will agree. Have a nice day.


It’s a prototype, a demo which will be featured during Fanfest’23, I hope we will see a live-feed from the presentation on CCPTV…

That must be the BOB’s Clockwise operation :smiley:

They also look very top heavy.

Courtesy of @Sakura_Nihil at FF"23 :slight_smile:


Hopefully this will be reasonably priced. Some pieces of cardboard and some plastic bits should not be expensive.

The most cost is IP in this kind of things and material cost is like 1-10% total imho…

So the sky is the limit for the price tag :wink:

Let’s hope the reason prevail over greed :slight_smile:


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Do you think people will be asking if they can bring their Drakes?

I would just take a knife(or strong scissors) to chop off the stands so it is just the ships

Will your char need to train skills?
Will everyone have the same “class”, and you can scoot all the ships around(read as: fly) or will it be like DnD where there are different classes and each one has its strengths and weaknesses, i think how that would be implemented is you decide what role you play: logi, ewar, damage, indy, etc… and your char gets a bonus to those ships and can kinda play the other roles, but really badly(pretty much the same as in current pixel eve, choose what you wanna do and train accordingly)

Will there be gaming sessions at future Fan Fests where it is a bunch of people per map/world/instance (or whatever it is gonna be called) instead of just some buddies you know irl in your living room?

Because it is all offline and what happens will kinda stay in your little version of the universe, the big alliances won’t really be able to do anything, unless lore from Pixel EVE is carried over into the board game (I guess the players would get to decide if they will pay attention to current Pixel EVE lore when playing Not Pixel EVE)