EVE Online: Equinox - Expansion Notes

you and i know this is not how it works, it is just too time consuming. About PVP, you can do it but not with 3 guys online, most of the time we get dunked while in PVP ships by bigger corps, this is ljke 80% of corps. People playing EVE from Ex Yu are done, this is just too expencive and if not real money is time consuming.

I don’t know that. I know that we live in our C4-WH with four times the people you live in your C5 and all of use make lots of cash from using the chain.

What I also know is that large parts of the WH inhabitants somehow feel entitled to make multiple billions each time they go farming and want a ‘closed hole’ while doing so for minimizing the risk. Thats the definition of greedy and selfish carebear crabbing. And then those guys call themselves “PvPers”.

Maybe WH space was really too cosy over the last years, feeding some of the inhabitants too fat, making them lazy and risk averse, not demanding enough cooperation but rewarding solo/multibox-krabbing too much. Those who deserve to live in the HighClass WH space will have little trouble to adapt.


I think :thinking: these mining Hives [ Drone Infested mine] sites should drop escalation on same system that you find it out then it is worth it to run otherwise PPL all will ignore it and it will be waste of CCP works

A lot of people buy Omega for money, but definitely not for 20e per month

I’m not saying you should do it, I’m just pointing out that paying full price is stupid.

Kinda nice of CCP to boost something rather than ban, block or nerf into oblivion. I might actually brush the dust off my carrier with these changes. The price for using conduit jump is a bit steep (roughly 5m skillpoints to get to lvl4), but at least the damn thing can be of some use.

I’ve been playing actively on and off since 2003 Beta, when I had to buy the disk for the game, lost it, reformatted and had to go by another, so yes, a long time

First off, I want to say I was hopeful, genuinely optimistic that this set of changes would be new side to Eve, where the mining is revitalised, or carriers were going to have a real purpose, and of course ratting would get an expansion,

What we have encountered in place of these: CCP - ‘We are focusing on a major expansion of Null’ this was probably what was intended, because I doubt there is malice in there at all. After this long of playing the game, one thing I thought until recent years, CCP had in mind was respect the players, the feedback, the struggles we have put up with for the last 5ish years and more importantly, fresh, new, content, what we got was A WRECKING BALL,

Mining? Wow, just wow, where to start:

Barges were nerfed, so that wiped out a lot of the newer players getting in to that and older players with several accounts had to skill up to Rorqs

Rorqs were nerfed, so that wiped out a lot of older players, newer player who finally made the plunge in to the game and crippled the economy because they were no longer a safer way to mine… given that mining itself in eve with a siege module on at all is massssssive risk, it wasn’t enough? With the massive price tag for the rorq, large skill commitment, and the requirement to always be active… sure okay, So Hulks?

Hulks, so these aren’t directly nerfed, but let’s be honest, you may as well have because they are almost useless in the new mechanics, or just mining in general now, so great, that’s mining taken care of…


Carrier ratting, well, it’s done isn’t it, you can use fighters which is a ridicules system tat requires a level of control that frankly, the rest of the game doesn’t need ever. So you blew it there, that takes carriers out of the equation

Ow while we are at it, let’s just make it really really complicated to make them to boot and tie in the most boring mechanic in eve that will not get an overhaul, also, erm, ever, and it is compulsory if you wanna build, (and dont forget to train all your science 5 skills that never served a real purpose because why not?, PI? Get a grip, you’re discouraging multiboxing actively in game and encouraging the least engaging part of the game!)

SUPERS woooo, no, no, you still get the same stupid nerf to those and on top of the Rorq/Hulk/Exhumer/ALL available asteroids in null sec, they basically are a legacy shelf toy, so you can’t use those, erm, ever? no, no, not ever, because you cannot replace them for under 2trillion isk

Thunderchilds. Wow, so they get rid of some mining stuff and the silver lining is these? You know what, I would have took that with the 0 respawn timers, because, coupling that and picking up the loot, I can funnel that fuel in to building where they have wrecked mining

NO, no, wait, that’s nonsense, you swiftly took that off the table

Let’s icing on the cake all of this, while they rip apart all the most fun parts of eve, diminish usability of the game, on multiple accounts at once, and for some reason which absolutely bewilders the mind, take all of the things people have worked years, decades, in my case, 2 decades to get good at, pay money for, get plex to do, wait to skill, let’s just take alllll of that, and make it harder to reach, and put up prices the year prior to fund all the “development”

Also, if you want to live in null, all these things are compulsory, ta da,

The polar opposite needs to happen for system upgrades. They need to actually be upgrades. As you have forced nullsec big alliance in to singular systems, that they can hardly power and no way near enough resources. Listen to your players. I will assist for free to analyse your feedback and figures. As I work in devops, come from Ops, and stated out as a technical analyst then business analyst. Your game is no longer worthy of people paying for it.