EVE Online: Equinox - Expansion Notes

This is not true though. Otherwise the change would not have been made. People weren’t running them with dreads, and now you have to.

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May the Expansion notes inform the Princess that Rodger Longbuck had been accepted to do criminal activities on Friday’s \o/

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So what will most of the lower lvl class Wormholers be doing? Moving up to c5/6 if they can or just afk what’s the go

The way I understand it, the change indeed increases risk for everyone.

First of all, if the site spawns in your wh, you will do it no? And that means you undock caps and you risk them.

Second, those living in C5/C6 will have to use caps as well and risk them.

Third, since the smaller WH guys can’t farm the lucrative drifter sites 24/7 anymore, they are forced to stop farming and go hunting. That increases risk of everyone their WH is connected to. (Assuming the WH crabs won’t ragequit instead which should not happen as they always claim they are not like nullsec crabs). This means that there will be more fights overall and the risk increases for everyone but highsec dwellers since WH residents usually don’t do suicide ganks.

Of course this is just a theory, it is players who decides what actually happen. If they refuse to play because of changes or they move to nullsec because they have been in WH only for ISK in first place, then this will obviously fail. And if it fails, we will see what kind of players wormholers are.

Interesting theory, did you pull it from the same area of your rectum as this one?

You were mightily confident in that (incorrect) assertion, you even capitalized the ‘IS’, just to make sure we all understood exactly how confident you were, are you also as confident in this one, I wonder?

Perhaps with your boundless knowledge you can explain to us what this unfortunate fellow was doing?

Oh dear, it appears he was krabbing in a C5, in a dread, when he met his untimely end, how very unfortune for your narrative…

For someone throwing out the apex cringe lord line of “Facts don’t care about anyone’s feelings” you do seem to have an awful lot of trouble discerning what a ‘fact’ is, although I shouldn’t be surprised, since in my experience anyone who trots out that line is inevitably far more concerned with their agenda, than with what a fact actually is.

So why is this new skill book Upwell Starship Engineering requiring LP points when no other skill book does ? Many characters don’t have LP so why make this a requirement ? Unless your Paragon LP can be used, if that is the case then ignore this.

Sorry, I don’t understand what happened to the daily rewards ? Could I have my boosters back please ? They were very useful to me.

I mean, the marauders used for C5/6 krabbing are pretty much the cost almost as pre scarcity dreads. The biggest difference being 1 minute of siege vs 5 minutes. Although new cheaper marauders fits where comming out, maybe a solution to that would have been to buff the sites a bit. The boom in WH isk making and why it is drawing so much attention lately is because of the lack of engagement in C5/6 WHs. There is pretty much one big WH empire with renters where NSers can now experience high earnings with relative safety and to be honest I wouldn’t know how to fix this.

Anyone bitching that WH is too safe: I daytripped for 8h in NS spinning an ishtar in a max indexed system and even though I was only semi-afk, I could have gone full afk only coming back to switch sites as besides a couple scanners none visited my system.

Is it correct that the daily login rewards have now ended completely? Those boosters were useful, it’ll be a shame if they’ve gone.

Should be pretty damn obvious. A lot of us live and utilise that space. Entire GSF + TNT live in delve and fake Querious. Second biggest alliance in game effectively lives in a single region (we don’t actually use southern delve.

Compare those numbers to WH numbers and let me know if you discover something.

Are we going to be able to buy any SKINR components through the Paragon Store for Evermarks?

Thanks for the SKINR Studio CCP.

When do we get to edit our favorite Dev’s?

The cooldown animation on the Interdiction nullifier has never showed automaticlly after a jump, but if you clicked on the icon, it then showed.

It doesn’t do that after the expansion.

PLEASE PLEASE! Make optional the white ship type marking at the Top right corner in the " icons " view! Those with marks just brake the immersion. Looks like real stupid. :S So please make it Toogle.

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Very boring version update, it seems to make resources more scarce, let null sec revive? none, only more delayed and more bug code.
My CPU usage is skyrocketing

I hope they then give a new way to acquire the skins from DLI with it’s removal, such as the Halcyon Dawn set.

I repost this at the right place :

That’s where that Rolodex comes in handy

Upwell haulers… slightly less nerfed today.

So what you’re saying is you’re not actually at risk when being rolled into at all. In fact, it would seem GSF haven’t lost a single capital to a WH group in the last 90 days…

Whereas in that same time 41 have died in J space, and that’s just the ones with the Drifter or Upgraded Avenger on the KM, funnily enough, one of them belongs to GSF, a very nice Carrier who seems to have got lost…

It’s almost like if you take more risk, you get more isk. Or rather some risk, 0 in 3 months seems a lot like no risk, ofc why put a cap on grid when you can just spin 10 Ishtars that can dock up the moment there’s a new sig or the intel bot sounds the alarm…

You say your entire group can feed themselves off the very small number of systems you are active in (vs the 500+ C5s there are, that don’t have infinitely respawning sites), at basically zero risk, but then you claim that we have it easier than you? Clearly if we did you would have already moved your entire group here, as your goal is to provide safety for your members and J-space is the safest place of all right? With boundless isk to boot. You haven’t though, I wonder why… :thinking: Could it be because your leaders knew they wouldn’t be able to provide safety? Or because they thought they wouldn’t make as much money? Nah, you’re smarter than them, right?