EVE Online: Invasion - General Feedback

I really can not understand why each time you add something new to the game, always changing something proven to be nice, fun and works well, instead of creating the new content to works properly with the things we already have.

Leave incursions alone!
If you want to attract more players to the new stuff, make it bether than existed one.

Stop being superficial and and solving your problems in the way:

We gonna add new ship.
OK, we gonna nerf all other ships, to be balanced to the new one.


Will wait for all chapters to play out.
So far reward isn’t good enough,if I consider price of ships I am using I will grow old and die before I hit positive balance.

-Adding ninja looters into mix doesn’t help
-Faction npc doesn’t respond to new AI
-New AI doesn’t interact with other AI at all
-Since Concord is useless with these visually removing them of gates could help immersion.
Not too hot for kitchen sink fleets that are forming about but want to do larger trig waves so I hope my old crew get on it or dedicated group forms…
Either way rewards aren’t there for it to happen.

Instead out right nerfing incursion force spawns inside trig ones make blue bar harder to grind and drone debuffs will make rattle boxers cry but ppl will be there and they can decide to spend some time doing new ones for shange.


You are not right. They studied.

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The game took a terrible turn with this.
Bring back Incursion spawn rate please.


Having issues with the market page. When I select view market details from an item its opening to that market item as normal, but also opening it in the search menu. After setting many buy and sell orders the search menu is just full of open categories. Takes some time to close them all if I actually need to use the search.

If this feature is intended can we get an option to turn it off please.

For those frustrated by it, switch to the quick bar tab when you dont need the search tab and it wont open to all those categories.


Um, is that CCP’s plan -to nerf incursions and hope most that stop running them transition to the new content? After all, CCP did recently nerf nullsec anomaly respawns in an attempt to deal with that isk faucet.

And it’s hard to argue with that logic when considering the health of the economy. From that perspective, my only counter is NIMBY… er, NIMIF -Not In My Isk Faucet. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…

That being said, incursions are more than just an isk faucet -they are the reason my community exists. And I’m suddenly starting to grow worried that if things don’t change relatively soon, it will cease to exist as I know it.

For those that don’t know, WTM is a newbro friendly community. This is not only reflected in our fit and skill requirements, but also our rules and how we treat other players. For example, if we have a spot for a DPS ship open up, and we have 7 meta-blaster fit rokhs ahead of a blinged out Vindi that does 2500 dps, we’ll take every single one of those Roks before we let that vindi in fleet. We don’t do it because we’re idiots who don’t understand how to get a better isk efficiency. We do it because we want to. We do it because one of our core values is to be inclusive. Indeed, this was recently affirmed by our community in a discussion over a proposal to add a skill check requirement.

  • “We are a community that prides itself on its openness. this goes against that.”
    -Juan C. M.

  • “FC here. I’d serious consider leaving if this proposal passed as written… As others pointed out, it goes totally against everything WTM has always stood for.”
    -Lord S.

  • “Cherry picking pilots has long been against the core concept of WTM…”
    -Maximus A.

Of course, our inclusiveness has had the advantage of helping us to grow into the largest incursion community, but it does come with a downside. Namely, we are seriously disadvantaged when it comes to contests. We have dealt with this by trying to holding our ground when contested (and occasionally pulling a rabbit out of our hat) and by trying to keep our distance from those who would like to exploit us in order to increase their own isk efficiency.

As you can imagine, this is a serious issue if the focos spawn rate remains nerfed. Not only do we have extreme difficulty winning contests and often get boxed into running TPPH’s (the slowest/less lucrative sites), but we also have to deal with TDF popping moms prematurely so that they can get a new spawn when they want it. Thus, we just won’t be able to continue as is. We’ll have to become another elitist community in an attempt to out-compete them, dissolve, or maybe, if they don’t turn out terrible, get into Triglavian Invasions.

I’m not going to throw a fit or quit playing. I’ll fall back on my other isk making activities, and keep on trucking. But I’ll also be saddened to see an amazing and inclusive community be perverted or destroyed.

Meh. Hopefully, I’m just being paranoid.


The game took a terrible turn with this.
Bring back Incursion spawn rate please.
I am paying for my gameplay, why is ccp forcing me stopping it ?


In your fantasy world you are paying for your gameplay.

In reality you are paying for a service.
The producers may change that service in any way they see fit.
Your, or anyone’s individual agreement, is neither required nor asked for.

If you don’t agree with the service provided, then you know what to do.


I remember the first time Incursions got nerfed.

How is friendship related to income?

Is your post telling me that Incusrioneers are all about the community,
as long as it’s worth the income?

Isn’t that seriously contradictionary?

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Not very likely that CSM will be interested, look at the CSM composition.


Please no?
You are just telling them that they should change eve to a 1 dimensional game with no options to choose from like most of those other games out there?


Really unhappy about the nurf to high sec incursions.
You have taken a big stab at one part of the game that brings people and community’s together.
WTM incursions has been helping new players, alpha pilots and alot more enjoy the game and to even get people to buy omega. Now the high sec incursion rate has been affected i dont think we can do that aswell as we used too.
Big shame.


Please provide API access to Invasion information within the next decade. (At least if this stays)


CCP trying to do a nice thing and screwing over everyone, because they have little connection to the playerbase…no??? NEVER

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I haven’t been on SiSi in a long time, but my understanding is that some of this content was intentionally not on there so it could be released as a “surprise” to the rest of us… clearly the EVE community is not amenable to such surprises and I would not advise doing that again in the future. I mean some surprises are good like those “holidays” when you log in for daily rewards but not a major feature change like this.

I would assume the purpose/end goal of reducing Sansha incursion rates is so that the sum of the two is relatively constant and that the EVE community likes them both enough that they’d be relatively interchangeable in the sense that they would go for the nearest one and not ignore one in favor of the other. I also assume that, should future factions lead incursions into HS/LS, the sum of all the incursion rates would be somewhat constant. This is all fine and dandy, but before you nerf existing incursion rates (ie. Sansha in this case) you really should make sure the new incursions have been polished to the point that the bulk of the EVE community embraces it and that most existing incursion runners won’t shun them in favor of existing incursions. In the short term this means the net sum of incursions is higher than the target constant, but at least you don’t alienate the player base while the new content is getting polished.


In game, I’ve watched a corp die, joined another corp comprised of several friends from the dead corp, and then watched that one die as we slowly got sucked into other stuff (some into faction war, some back into nullsec, me into incursions, others took a break from eve and never came back). I’ve now been the last person to regularly log into comms twice.

Out of game, I’m still regularly in touch with 1 of my highschool friends and 2 of my Marine Corp buddies.

So yeah, even good friends can grow apart. The can move, get married and have kids, get sucked into other activities and social groups. It’s kind of sad, but it seems to be the norm rather than the exception. Life (and game mechanics) sometimes brings people together, and friendships, communities, and cultures spring up as a result. And then after a while, life will pull them back apart.

So to quote my dad, “you’ll find out once you’re older.”


The Incursion change needs to be removed !
This is really killing the game for Incursion runners.


The incursion spawn rate changes are understandable new type of ‘‘incursion’’, so ‘‘spawns’’ spread now between trig and sansha, There will also be more ‘fighting’ between communities which is … content.

but the change is too agressive and flawed.

The problem with there being only one high sec incursion is that once it pops people have no where to go It will be a problem each time. It’s gonna easy for people to troll popping mom’s completly blocking 100’s of people playing we can’t defend against that.
Any smuck with ±40 incursion alts (there are several) can COMPLETLY halt incursion running easily, just doing one single site

Please revert or change the mechanics
or put at least two high sec spawns
Or make that a new spawn immediatly appears when the old one dies?


I agree, the changes have unintended consequences. There are many incursion communities. Some are very strong and aggressive, others are new player friendly. There has always been competition between communities, where the strong could bully others for the “cherry” sites, and the weaker ones would run less desirable sites. Since the re-spawns have reduced in frequency, the new player friendly communities are not able to participate as often because the aggressive communities are running the sweet sites and then running other sites waiting for something good to appear.

A note to people posting: Don’t just say something needs to be changed or something sucks… Give detailed reasons so CCP has something to work with.