EVE Online: Invasion - General Feedback

Since the start of May consecutive online user numbers have fallen like a rock this appears to represent an acceleration of the continuing loss of players throughout 2019. Normally a good expansion sees a bump in players. Here the exact opposite seems to have happened. Ccp’s Decision to focus on pve and making highsec safer has apparently encouraged a sizeable number of folk to not log in. People are voting with their money and appear to be saying that this expansion is a dog.

It’s like the old saying insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Ccp continues to double down on its softening of eve in the hopes of hordes of new players showing up and yet they never appear. Meanwhile the old players abandon the game which is unfortunate because without them there are less and less players talking up the game, which is where the new players actually come from.


I disagree, it’s more like they keep adding overpowered NPC content to high security that has little reward and requires a fleet to run. Also removing freedom of choice by forcing players to engage in content they don’t want.


“keep adding”?
Are you suggesting that CCP has a history of adding overpowered NPC content to highsec?

Can you give us an example of the last “overpowered NPC content” that CCP is forcing you to engage in?


There are only the invading precursor entities ( https://zkillboard.com/group/4028/ ). Burner missions are not forced upon you. The Abyss pocket as well. And if I recall correctly, all other events were not forced on a player. Was there something else I have missed?

This is the first time where you could actually die if you’re auto-piloting through the high-sec, or if you’re flying a ship with little to no tank (NPC gate camps). Oh those glorious first days of the invasion :drooling_face:.


Wow, you must be deaf, dumb and blind to have missed the addition of Roaming Drifter NPC’s, Pirate FOB’s and NPC Mining Fleets in High Sec space.

But those are not forced upon you.

If you don’t touch drifters, they will not touch you.
If you don’t touch diamond NPC’s, they will not touch you.
The only NPC’s which could attack you are the FOB scouts, which are not a threat?

Or am I not aware of how those NPC’s work like?

And to be honest, your instant use of “dumb” word is literally uncalled for. Because it was you who wrote the following:

Also removing freedom of choice by forcing players to engage in content they don’t want.


How are any of these, like you claimed, “forced” on players?

Roaming Drifters won’t attack you unless you choose to agress them yourself.

Pirate FOB’s will attack everything, sure, but they’re not forced upon you in highsec. You can just warp from gate to gate and avoid them. You’re not forced to attack them.

NPC mining fleets are also not forced on you, you’re free to ignore them as you wish.


I learned this morning that I got my butt handed to me in an orca it destroys under 2 minutes normally of six can’t even destroy me that quickly a fully tank Orca my drones were basically useless The Invasion rats are way too powerful for high sec they need to turn them down by like a magnitude of 10 to make it work for the little man and I had to account running full tank one on a barge one on the Orca it just an nihilate the Orca how about I couldn’t get away I couldn’t unscramble I couldn’t do anything

Good gawd, that content intrudes upon players gametime, doesn’t matter if it’s engaging the NPC’s or avoiding them, it’s content that the players are forced to deal with in one way or another.

You people obviously don’t reside in High Sec cuz if you did then you’d know what I’m talking about. I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain the game mechanics behind each of those NPC content, I suggest you look it up for yourself.

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You don’t have to waste time explaining them, we did that already. None of these are examples of CCP “forcing” you to participate. :slight_smile:

You’re about as dense as a doornail, aren’t you? Learn to read. It doesn’t matter if you engage or avoid the content, it’s still content that’s being forced upon players to deal with in one way or another.

If you can avoid it, then you’re not being forced to participate in it.

Cute edits. AT least you caught yourself so that ISDs wouldn’t get you. :slight_smile:

are the invasion rats pointing at the gate ? I moved my freighter in an invaded system and was not targeted by rats.

they can but its rare i think, most people are getting killed if theyre on ap as they land on a gate with aggressive rats and die before they reach it.
Some people are moaning about not being able to make much isk afk mining in highsec also, i dont know why as most of them all state ‘i do it to chill not to make isk’…
Others are complaining the game is interrupting them somehow… or that the game is dangerous… i dunno; feels like lots of moaning that they might lose a ship.

What im getting is that they should probably play on the test server tbvh.

Invasion rats do all kind of e-war, except for pointing/scrambling. So if you do not AFK autotravel, there is not much of risk if you don’t fly something paper-thin with an extreme low agility.

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do they agress freighter on the gate ? Seems to me they won’t agress a traveling ship.

There are already a couple of threads with special topics (kt, Incursions, fits,…) about the new trig invasion, but no thread for collecting general feedback or wishes for the addition itself.

Moderators, please feel free to consolidate :slight_smile:

As someone who is a big fan of the seasonal events (rip?), I like the invasion. It’s sandbox, has tough NPCs, has different activities tied together nicely (shooting, looting, salvaging, mining), resulting in challenges and not pre-defined and different strategies to success.

The NPC fleets so far have a good composition and balance, however the swarm is not “creative” enough on grid at least in the minor conduits. I never saw them warping, or splitting up on targets. My wish would be that “spectators” at range or close to a HVT immediately experience some harassment from a small group.

The mutaplasmids as loot, as a primary source of income for the shooting fraction, looks nice on paper, but sells badly. Mainly because the (A)DMC variants are not that attractive. I know this is tricky, but can we get something more in demand? If all fails, you can increase the red loot amount.

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And in high sec people are now stuck with these invasions because fewer and fewer people look for roaming fleets because the rewards have plummeted. Good job.

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What do you mean?

@CCP_Falcon It was no my intention to bury the feedback in the expansion(!) feedback thread. This is about the new trig invasion specific feature.