EVE online IRL the stink of corruption in USA, Russia, UK, Iceland!

Talk about ISK farmers https://youtu.be/r8mdNahdo4M

YouTube video on global corruption, just like EVE, EVE is real!

Too bad there isn’t a project discovery to sift through documents for hits.

Vice :roll_eyes:


Not so sure about corruption, but it seems like fraud.
Corruption could be more like getting terrorist money to create war, and the related treason cases, or hire them for politics.
This does however make it a more political subject for this forum.

Yeah, political posts are never popular, it’s just important to me, I always hope that things will change in people’s minds but it is a human failing that we are far from being where I hoped humanity should be, to be honest as strange as it may sound I feel like I am in the wrong time period, I often feel like an outsider.

ars gratia artis. The definition of ars gratia artis is Latin for art for art’s sake, the motto for the American media company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, to designate art that is independent of political and social requirements.

You may post about conflict, and, if done positively, can be used for PvP, Empire Wars, or some other constructive goal, which can also be measured and improved.
Some points about other conflicting ideas, is that, they may hinder the function of the about types of conflict, and interfere with the game, or even, the forum.
It’s not always the most easy to deal with those disagreements.
There is also something to this effect in relation to “personal” information, which may be, but is not limited to, information which may interfere with one’s freedom.

However, I think they could have given me the money.

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