Message from Ayn Rand about Isk in Eve Online

Hello, this is a message from Ayn Rand, modified slightly. I made it a couple years ago, but never posted it here. Please excuse and ignore mention of Code or my name at beginning.

Ayn Rand’s message for Capsuleers about ISK

Please note that this is philosophical, not political.

tl;dr leave

thanks and goodnight


Neither philosophical nor political, but pure bollock-ial.

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Ayn Rand attracts the fedora wielding neckbeards. CODE. alliance is willing to stand and fight for their just cause.

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Started to read it, but it was too Ayn Rand.

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What is the TL;DR of this? It was too long i lost interest after James 315’s quote.

You ask us to ignore the mention of Code at the beginning, and yet its the most prominent aspect of your blog post.

Yeah… starts as Ayn Rand and keeps being Ayn Rand until you remember why you think she was a psycho crackpot.

Money ownership as the measure of virtue in society… :facepalm:


TL;DR is Ayn Rand unleashed: money is good and owning money is a virtue, thus the rich are Good incarnate, the poor are scum and socialism is the ultimate Evil.


The monkeys and their stash of bananas…

I knew it. I should never have donated my money to the local homeless shelter.

Thanks. o7

HBO’s Westworld is currently showcasing what you described rather well, in a science fictional future of course!

Ayn Rand factored sociopaths into her philosophy.

Funny spoof. Too bad all the commies have to crawl out of the wood work with their total lack of comprehension of freedom and basic thought on a satirical comedy thread.

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