EVE Online is not meant to be played

Eve Online is not meant to be played. This is how the maintainers of the game think. I guarantee it. And they probably dont even know it themselves. But they dont believe EVE online is meant to be played, they believe its meant for you to pay them money. Its their cash cow.

If EVE online was meant to be played, there wouldnt be a tooltip on literally everything because they are annoying af for the people who play the game more than once.
There are alot of silly things like for example organising an inventory is not really possible, except if you use station containers, oh but station containers have a log and you cant sell or trash them if there is something in the log and it takes 3 weeks to clear without exception. Oh and you cannot do industry jobs with mats from station containers, oh and you also cannot “Fit Ship” with the fitting tool, it wont use modules that are in station containers. And this issue has been there for years, and years and years. And thats only the tip of the icerberg.

Why doesnt it get fixed? Its because EVE online is not meant to be played its just meant for you to pay CCP money for. Thats it. Let discuss

Station containers are awful. I use Iteron 5s and Tayras instead if I’m out in the sticks with no big ships and can’t be bothered to haul a container.

Try my

with this you can pack x10 Station containers into starting corvette.


You’re not supposed to haul station containers.

Edit: Sniped by Elinore. They know how you transport station containers: you move the minerals and blueprint.

Haha yeah I also think that CCP is laughing to the stupidity of players playing EVE and even paying them highest monthly sub of all MMOs and often for multiple clients because multiboxing is officially supported and pretty much mandatory in this game. And even extra cash for PLEX, skins and other various apparels, hypercores, character transfers, multitraining certificates, skill extractors and newly even directly for Skill Points and ships themselves.

But well you play it, I play it. Thousands of other peoples play it, and it just works…

EVE players simply loves the adversity and obstacles caused by the controls and UI or they love the other part of the game which is (non-consentually) shooting each other or to stare hours on a mining ship mining itself with pretty much zero player input, ad they love it so much that they are willing to overlook these issues. I don’t see anything that would change this status quo. The remaining players, and there are still lot of them are willing to play and pay for this game no matter what. CCP doesn’t listen to player requests/ideas and probably not CSM too, and the only peoples who probably has a significant relevance, the nullsec crowd will not boycott the game because any of above (as long as they have their local chat) to force CCP to react. The rest of us can boycott it but we won’t achieve anything anyway.

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Not to make too fine a point of it, but I pay twice the Eve monthly subscription just for a nice house to live in, over on another MMO.

Which you have successfully managed to not do in getting on towards 20 years. That’s got to be an Eve record…20 years with zero killboard ! No evidence that you have Ever undocked, in eons of time. You’ve sat there in dock for 20 years and are probably the prime example of ‘not playing Eve’.


Thread closed for ranting…

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