Eve Online main problem

I finally found out what the problem with Eve Online mMO. There are too much psychosocial pathology and to little fun.

Most of us had that figured out before the game finished downloading. For me, 13 years ago.

And yet, I’m still here. How’s that for a head scratcher?

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I’d call that a real knee slapper

For some it’s probably a knee-trembler…

What? No! You can have BOTH!

At the same time!

Observe! Click for full view, image might be cropped on forums.


Eve has a problem? First i’ve heard of it…

Hi Mimi, you misspelt Shitemark.

Maybe it’s a knee scratcher?

Does that make us a support group?

It’s like real life (i.e. too much psychosocial pathology and still here!)

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