EVE online Mining Fleet, tools for redistribution and price

Hello to all capsulier,

since a few months I’m making a website https://eveminingfleet.ovh/ for the miners of eveonline.
the goal is to simplify the redistribution and the price calculation of a complete fleet :).

this site has a github for support tickets.
and using it myself, I often add new features.

I tell you about it because I think it’s already interesting to share it with the functionality it already has.

the principle is to create a fleet, each person registering in this fleet will be scanned by the website with its miningledger.
players are only scanned if they are in an open fleet.

several functions like taxes, or different redistribution methods are currently deployed.
the site estimates the price compressed and reprocessed.

I hope you like it and I’m looking forward to any improvements :slight_smile:

fly safe o7

PS: video explanation => https://youtu.be/Hun_Zm2EbC4

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i dont want to be a dick or anything but you spelt minors as in ppl under the age of being an adult instead of miners like people who mine

No, no, he got it right, very right.

thank you for your help indeed there was an error

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