Eve Online Official Secret Santa thread!

(Hoodlums) #85

will send you something soon

wanna have a Marauder(preferably a Paladin)

(Palps) #86

Would really like the capital ship and gallente carrier skillbook

@Hoodlums Can’t afford a Marauder but I can get you some skins for it :smiley:

(hhhhhhj) #87

let me see what I can send you

hoping for a Nightmare

(Adrian Navale) #88

@hhhhhhj I’ll see what i can afford :wink: Contract will be up in an hour or so.
Edit: @hhhhhhj Contract is up; wallet was too tight for the Nightmare, sent his little brother instead

I’d really like a face-melting dps ship. I can fly anything sub-cap; surprise me :wink:
Edit: @Celeste_Star thanks for the Hecate! Love that ship!

(Celeste Star) #89

@Adrian_Navale I got you
@Adrian_Navale contract sent

I desire something unexpected!

(Waddlefarts) #90

@Celeste_Star I gotchu fam. Contract up in an hour.

I would really like a bhargest as i recently trained into one :stuck_out_tongue:

(rhjaguilhuilagilHRIEUGHA) #91

Barghest coming soon

wanna a Golem

(Eva Andedare) #92

Your Golem will be in your hangar soon.

I’d really want a bridging blops or a hunter-killer T3C.

(The Lob) #93

a T3C is on the way to your hangar

I want a Widow

(hhhhhhj) #94

thx man

(Yokubou) #95

Well i lost my fitted gila worth about 600m to dcing in a abyss site which ccp claims wasnt their fault if this ss train is still going.

(Neo Detonation) #96

Man I’m still pissed that i only got an Ibis.

(Nep-Neps) #97

Ship contracted. I’d like a shiny for l4’s :slight_smile:

(Darkstone One) #98

Hi guys, really like running TDF incursion, would like a Kronos to fly with them and be more efficient, so if anybody want to help on this one !

Thanks in advance

(The Lob) #99

check your contracts!

still looking for a Widow to fly with a hotdrop public fleet

(Abruzzi Oskold) #100

Umm, You’re supposed to wait until after :scroll: they open their present to let them know who sent it. :roll_eyes:

(Trucker Truckerson) #101

I’m currently working towards a ratting carrier so any help on that would be amazing <3

(Kmescic Irogulasin) #102

I can send you some isk and fighters :slight_smile:

I dream of a Vargur or any shiny pve ship

(Cato White) #103

Couldnt do the Vargur, but enjoy a pith X-type Xl Shield booster and x-type amp to go on one when you get it! contract up

Edit: forgot to say any help towards a HG slave set would be lovely, one of the implants or the whole set if you are space rich anything is good!

Edit 2: Still nothing from Bougyo, oh well guess I got to give at least

(Bougyo) #104

Working towards a high grade slave implant set