Eve Online Official Secret Santa thread!

(Rocket Hellfire) #65

Captains Quarters was NOT ‘walking in stations’ that was promise ions ago…

But did you notice how X4: Foundations pretty much btch slapped both CCP and RSI?
Guys, don’t you know that it takes an average of 33.5 years to develop a AAA title???

(Neo Detonation) #66

@gutles I’d be more concerned if you’d given me more than a freaking Ibis.

(Issues with Videocard) #67

was all that trash meant seroius?
thx anyways, I‘ sure I can use the rifter :wink:

(Miezmiez die Katze) #68

do you not have a bad conscience seeing this cute little kitten getting nothing?

that kitten would love any serpentis ships

(Pol Macsliebh) #69

Something different… ??

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #70

You asked for a nightmare. I sent you spooky stuff including a corpse from a player named ‘Kyonoke Infected’

Please send clothes and SKIN for me to donate to the Abyss

(AMK Fighter Otsolen) #71

thx for the 500 mil isk :wink:

(Peresagruska) #72

I take care for the kitten. It is so cute

still wanna have a Deimos

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #73

Contract up. Careful inspection of the goods I sent and an unlock phrase is required to redeem your Deimos.

Hint: Gamers Rise Up, Bottom Hex

Please send clothes

(Triglavian Ship Builder) #74

send you some clothes when I get home

I take any Triglavian ships

(Peresagruska) #75

well thank you for these bookmarks that probably won‘t lead anywhere… When you want to give me a Deimos, why you not just contract the ship itself to me?

Are you just collecting valuable gifts and send trash to anyone else? Some others just got crappy trade goods and other trash from you while you receive the cool stuff…

seriously, you should overthink what you do!

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #76

Inspect the ‘notes’ on the bookmarks and tell me phrase it translates into. If you are going to be a poor sport–no Deimos for you.

So far, I have only received someone’s female Vegas fanfest clothes and SKINs. I have been quite clear about my noble efforts to donate clothes and SKINs into the abyss for the holidays.

(Triglavian Ship Builder) #77

sent you some clothes and skins

I take any Triglavian ships, preferrably a Leshak or Drekavac

(Hilary Kouvo) #78

Your ship has been contracted to you.

What I’d really like for Xmas is a dope solo battleship fit.

(Amak Boma) #79

im requesting gift of marshal with standard pvp fittings.

(Maximus Peewee) #80

Looking for a vni for ratting cause im broke​:grin::sweat_smile:

(Lucinda Trade) #81

I would love a Marshal or Amarr Titan skill Book

But happy with any thing

@Maximus_Peewee You have a contract Enjoy
@Fives_Hibra Thanks for the gift

(Fives Hibra) #82

If you are Super Space Rich I’d like 1 of three
Rag skill book and minmatar dd skill book
Ark in Jita
Wyvern Hull


If you are Rich i’d like 1 of the 3
A Redeemer Hull
A Leshak Hull
a Rorqual skin of your choice


If you cant do any of those i love hugins and curse/pilgrims
@Lucinda_Trade I couldn’t afford what you wanted but I hope you like what I got you, contract is up on my jita alt :slight_smile:

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #83

Thank you kindly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Fives_Hibra I sent you 30 loot boxes. They may contain the things on your list. However, I hear the loot drop rate on them is pretty abysmal–then again you might get lucky.

Please send clothes or SKINs. My friend needs clothes.

(Maekchu) #84

I feel like the novelty of the thread has kinda been lost, with people just requesting expensive stuff and not respecting the below rule.

I’ll respect the thread though and send a gift to the above poster.