Eve Online Official Secret Santa thread!


cool stabber :slight_smile: thx, interesting name btw :wink:

(Meilin Nightstalker) #45


a gank ship coming right up

I already received a gift but if anyone is feeling generous I’m now looking for a wormhole solo hunting ship…

gift received @Miezmiez_die_Katze thanks :slight_smile:

(Miezmiez die Katze) #46

Let the cat see what it can do tomorrow.
The cat loves any Serpentis ships


(Miezmiez die Katze) #47


wormhole solo hunting ship has been contracted


(Lillith Al'Daroth) #48

Did I get skipped ? :confused:

(gutles) #49

I got skipped as well lol ;(

(Gilgamesh Vuld) #50

Contract has been made :slight_smile:

a shiny ship

(Xandar Dice) #51

Since @Gilgamesh_Vuld didnt ask for anything sent some isk instead

Personally im hoping for a Minmatar Carrier and/or Capital Ships skillbooks :slight_smile:

(AMK Fighter Otsolen) #52


I will contract you something when I’m in Jita in about an hour or so

wanna have a Golem

(Lillith Al'Daroth) #53

Wish list posted

(Lillith Al'Daroth) #54

Christmas indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

(AMK Fighter Otsolen) #55

your gift has been contracted to you :wink:


did ya get somethingh @Lillith_Al_Daroth ? dont see a list ;o

(Lillith Al'Daroth) #58

Really want an official solopwnmobile, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle , with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time (Play on A Christmas Story).

A cool solo pvp boat, maybe WH approved. A pwn-the-noobs loki? Don’t really care just as long as I can tell the mates that Christmas in Eve is as good as the RL thing !!! Thanks in advanced.

(Tried to use my dad’s computer and ended cross posting, twice)

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #59

Contract up, please don’t shoot your eye out. Space already has too many holes.

Please send along any clothes or SKINs to me so I may donate them into the abyss :slight_smile:

(Xandar Dice) #60

Gift received, thank you very much! :DD

(AMK Fighter Otsolen) #61


still looking for a golem

(Sasha Viderzei) #62

I’ll send you a little something when I come back home :slight_smile:

Looking for a Drekavac, please !

(Issues with Videocard) #63

Drekavac coming on wednesday

need a Nightmare

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #64

I sent you nightmare fuel. Happy holidays :kissing_closed_eyes:

Looking for socks, please and thank you.