EVE Online: Onslaught - General Feedback


(Damassys Kadesh) #190

I was knowingly and purposely boiling down FW to simple terms in order to communicate my point. Of course there are differences, and FW is open to many more unrestricted sandbox variables, but it’s definitely a step in the direction of what abyssal PvP is. Take a few more steps and it gets very similar.
Additionally, in my experience, and with the PvP that I seek out (using FW as the method of finding it) it’s possible to find content that is similar to what the abyss mandates. And that’s the point that I mean to make with my FW comparison… I personally find it the MOST interesting when there are some knowns on both sides, forcing a level of equality to start with, and then you have to outsmart/outplay your opponent within that scope. I have become active in the tournament scene over the last few years, and it’s been some of the most exciting and compelling experience I’ve ever had in EVE.
This is obvious, but: if you don’t like the concept of abyssal PvP, then don’t participate in it. What seems to be less obvious is that: the strong outcry saying that the abyss is anti-EVE and breaks the sandbox, seems to be coming from a place that is not considering the reality of the feature as it is now… which is that it is nowhere near impactful enough to “harm the sandbox”. If you can cite first-hand accounts of times when the abyss stole content from you, then those should be reported… because if more features come along and it does get out of hand (as seems to be the fear) then I will speak up with you, against a true threat to the sandbox… this just isn’t it.
The reason I posted here in the first place was to speak out against the implementation of the gate-spawning mechanic, which prevented me from participating in the feature that I was interested and excited for.