EVE Online to go native on macOS!

This is long overdue but incredibly welcome. I can’t believe how gorgeous the game looks in the native client vs emulated on WINE. I’m still messing around but have yet to find any bugs worth noting. I have noticed that the marketplace / fitting responds slowly or not at all sometimes, but I imagine this is a general server problem and not one with the client.

One of the issues that I have had with the current emulated version is that occasionally (I don’t know how or why and haven’t been able to replicate it successfully, but it happens fairly frequently) my client will switch to full screen mode. This is a problem especially when running multiple clients because it takes at least 5 seconds to command+tab out of the full screen WINE instance to another program - likely because of the change in screen resolution - and the only way I can remedy this is to quit the affected client and relaunch. I am very eager to have a native client that won’t have these problems.

Thank you CCP for developing this, it is very much appreciated.

I have a slightly off-topic question - I know that the current (unsupported) Linux version is based on the WINE sources for OS X. Can you comment on whether or not removal of support for the WINE based Mac version is going to mean more difficulty running Eve on Linux in the future?

Thank you very much CCP Caffeine for the clarification. I did select the singularity test server briefly a few days ago, so that could be why it was downloaded! Unfortunately, even just a few gigs of content was more than enough to eat the remaining disk space I had, so I’ll have to look for a workaround this weekend and see if I can readily offload my porn collection open source development environment. If there could be a way to temporarily remove the TQ client w/o the launcher “helpfully” re-downloading it, that would also be a possible resolution.

All in all, my particular case is an edge one, so I wouldn’t spend any time on the above. Just wanted to voice the (temporary) struggle. Thanks for putting this native client together & seeking in-game feedback.

First of all, thank you for your efforts for the Mac community. I really appreciate it!
Performance on my super old iMac (2012) is good - as long as you don’t use “Shader Quality High”. It would be pretty nice if you can optimize the graphic performance. I am fully aware that my mac is outdated, tho :wink:
Bug report is stated.

@CCP_Caffeine @CCP_Habakuk

Firstly, great job to the team and thank you.

Initial testing … Wow, it defo looks better than wine, and smoother.

On TQ I normally have my gfx settings set to Low, Low, Medium, Medium, Low, Low.

They’re now on Medium, Low, Medium, Medium, Medium, Low and its running very smoothly.

I realise there is less server load but it feels good already.

Initial launches crashed after character screen and the client never loaded, crashed my Mac (bug report submitted). I have since modified settings AT the character screen for gfx to all Low and that solved it (by default everything is set to High). Now cranking them up one by one.

Once again, early stages of testing but it already feels more responsive, and I haven’t seen that lag I normally get with wine … but a big thank you for your efforts so far :slight_smile:

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I try to run Mac eve on my MacBook Air M1, setting all High.
It really runs smoothly and gorgeous.
Relatively speaking, the Air becomes a little bit hot on it’s back.
maybe I would like to change a M2 MBP in the future, haha.
In my playtest, I didn’t meet any crash or other accident.

All in all ,thanks CCP for doing such a great job.

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I’m confused.
I’m on singularity but the icon still says “wine64 preloader”.
Do I need to pick something special in the settings?

Hi. Other than ensuring you’re running the latest version of the launcher (1892908) and selecting Singularity with the Launcher on a macOS system, there are no other settings that need to be changed.
Try restarting the launcher and checking for an update.

Thanks, I needed to manually update the launcher - it updates some things but I remember needing to do that in the past. Crashing my computer at the moment with all the settings on full, haha, 2014 MBP

Yep, not running so well on the 2014 MBP, tho it has the 16Gb ram and 2.5GHz processor… couldn’t so far reduce the graphics settings, the screen keeps blacking out.

Right, success!
Restarted, turned everything else off, clicked carefully, turned on hardware acceleration and reduced the graphic quality (which is still much better than I used to see, woo)

didn’t do much so far but the computer seems generally happier. I used to always have to force quit wine and the launcher and now they just quit normally like any other program…

when I choose all “low” set, there is some missing image ,like the photo I posted.
When I choose set to "mid"or “high”, this problem can be solved.

Done some missions, filaments, ratting. What ideas do people have to really push the client to the limit?

Is the test already over?
I used to start on Singularity on Metal but it now starts Wine again.

I tested with 2 extrem machines:

  • one high end recent iMac (Big Sure)
  • one old iMac 2012 (catalina)

On the old machine, it was hard to get anywhere since the settings are all on high by default.
I even had a hard time getting to change the settings.

On the recent machine (i9, big ssd, plenty of ram, and 5700 xt 16gb), this was another story:

  • MUCH better graphics (this is pleasant!)
  • the fps was much more stable (like stable 60 vs sawtooth 150 / 2 fps on Wine)
  • the cpu usage was lower

I did have display artefacts (green flashy squares) on the 2012 iMac. Zooming out in station also seems to zoom out too far (as in OUT of station) and end up jiggling in an undefined “too_zoomed_out_state”.

I ran into no issue on the recent iMac though.

The ONLY issue I see for now are:

  • not have it on the main server :slight_smile:
  • not have it as OPTION on the main server :slight_smile:

Well done CCP ! This is a great start.


Ah, I missed all the fun!
How is it running on Iris Pro?

I am really looking forward to the M1 native. The reason is that my Intel heater that sits next to me will be uncomfortable running in the summer, but that 5 watt M1 will be perfect to run all the time.
So wanted to give a shout out to all the devs working on the transformation.

No need to wait for the M1 version - the intel native ran just fine for the most part and was still a lot cooler than my intel mini.

Intel mini - sits at like 200F
M1 MBP - sits at like 60-80 - EVE made it a little warm. (I am going to go double check screen shots)
Edit: it appears I do not have the thermal option turned on for my M1s system monitor. But it was only a little warm, never burning.

So there is no way for me to run the game right now on the new client? When I try launching it, the game crashes every time. I am on the MacBook Air M1.

Right now the native client is still is development/beta.

You can change the wine version in the launcher preferences

I filed a ticket for this a couple of weeks back when I got my MBA M1 and currently the client doesnt support the M1 chip. And sadly, neither does Wine.

Unless you make your Mac dual boot Windows with Parallels I dont see it working.
Note: Parallels isnt free and last time I checked, neither is Windows.

Tairr, there are a bunch of us that have been able to get EVE to run just fine by just changing the wine version - no need to buy other software - just change the wine version in the launcher settings. And if your launcher is slow, turn on hardware acceleration.