EVE Online to go native on macOS!

Nice report, it was tricky on my 2014 retina macbook pro to get the settings down to something usable, but once I did it was really smooth going.

Is there any further update on the macOS Clint haven’t seen any update since December anywhere really looking forward to this

There was a technical test on Sisi just a few weeks ago.

Is there a public list of issues that were found to get a feel for how much work there will be to get a native version?

Juggling when to buy an M1 iMac :crazy_face:

You Sir(or Madam) just made my saturday evening. All I had to do was drop down the list of Wine version until the client launched on my MBA.

fly safe!

Ah, you are welcome…

But, it wasn’t me who figured it out - I just shared info from another thread and …

@CCP_Caffeine can we get a sticky/help topic with the current M1 work around by changing the wine verion. Thanks,

@CCP_Caffeine A separate topic would be nice.

I found that windowed mode doesnt work that well though. When I put it in windowed mode it seems to stick to that resolution and it cant be changed with the mouse.
Full screen is fine and fixed window just messes it all up so i wont even mention that.

Any ideas on how to fix it?