EVE Online to go native on macOS!

:slight_smile: I’m pleased and excited about the decision to support MacOS with a native client. As a MacOS loyalist, I get arrows in my back regularly when using Apple products since I work within the IT industry; specifically infrastructure where Windows Server has a large foothold and Linux has helped changed this greatly! I appreciate your efforts, as it requires a whole shift in development practices and procedures. I will certainly support the public beta and provide any feedback to humbly assist! Since COVID, I have returned to EVE and will be playing long after we are rid of this coronavirus. Upon my return, I have taken this time to focus on skills that I missed and information that make the game more enjoyable. CCP! I truly Thank You!

Super super super super happy to hear about this! Really looking forward to it!!!

@Caffeine_Coma Thanks, yes … hitting CMD alone never seemed to work … I always have to do this little dance with my fingers over FN Shift and CMD. It was never a huge issue, but really irritating when switching between characters, in battle particularly. Lost a few ships because of this!

Also I used to be able to alt tab from one character to another by hitting alt + tab ONCE.

For a while now I’ve had to hit ALT+ Tab Tab as The finder always separates the two wine clients in the selection. Anyone else get that ?

Forgot to say what I came here to say …I’ll echo what probably every other Mac user has said … need any help with testing etc , please sign me up !


Question: Not a pressing issue, but I wondering if down the road you all might add support for the Touch Bar for the computers that have it. Would be nice to see if possible.

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This is awesome i just decided to comeback to EVE and since my last login i have moved to OSX and what do you know, there is a fresh native client for it, this was meant to be! =) it works really really well not that i can compare to pc client but still, only issue is MBP 16 cooling, man this machine runs hit with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M.

Only annoyance is switching in and out of EVE, it takes a few sec and it flickers into a blue screen etc but i guess this is due to the Mac swapping between active GPU’s maybe? certainly feels so. If you can look at this it would be helpfull in sneakpeaking EVE during, well, you know **** :wink:

@CCP_Caffeine hey, currently when I open a second client on eve, it gets really laggy, unplayable consistent lag. With only one client open, there is no issues. Can you please check this on the new client to see if the performance improvements remove this issue? I had attached my iMac specs.