EVE Online to go native on macOS!

I don’t blame them either, not one bit. Unfortunately the web client in it’s current incarnation doesn’t fit my EVE needs.
And like you I’ll keep poking this thread till they give us client so we will stop bugging the devs :slight_smile:

I volunteer for macOS beta tribute

Got directed here after asking about updates on Reddit. :slight_smile: Add me to the list of people waiting semi-patiently for the native client! :slight_smile:

I continuously switch back and forth between a 2013 Mac Pro with dual 30" monitors and a 2019 MacBookPro when I’m on the road or can’t play in the office while my wife works.

If all goes to plan, there should be a news article in the next week that has more of an update :slight_smile:

Rest assured, I will post updates as soon as I can :grinning:. A lot of the time there isn’t anything to report, as it’s just ongoing development work - which will be the case for a while.

While I know macOS users are super excited about this, keep in mind that the first playtest is going to be for finding the more serious problems (crashing, performance issues etc.). A total move from Wine to a Native Mac Client is going to take a while :grinning:


They are handled by 2 seperate teams :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update!

Keywords :rofl:

I wish all of you on the macOS client team the best of luck, really looking forward to it.


Thanks for working on this! Eager to try EVE on OS natively.


I would say “cookies for everyone working on the Mac client”… but last time I did, I couldn’t find a way to buy the cookies and send them to you all. Poor @CCP_Snorlax I am sorry I failed you.
So, unless you all PM me with details on how do get you cookies this will have to do


I’d be less desperate if knew a way to avoid the sticky modifier keys and wndow activation oddness when running multiple clients on a mac under wine. Have others figured this out?

dragging window by titlebar can make it frozen - just drag again and it’ll unfreeze. also don’t cmd-tab out of a window, just click away, that should address sticky modifier keys. i haven’t experienced any other problems.

Just my “don’t forget about us” post. Still waiting for some news any news. Even what ccp_caffeine thinks is the best breakfast to have.


We’ve just posted some more info for the playtest. I’m very excited to hear the feedback :grinning:

I’ll open the feedback threads once the playtest is live.


I’m excited to test it out!

Theres is any URL where can I download the new Mac native Client?

You will simply need to be on the latest version of the launcher, and then select Singularity when the test has started :grinning:


Thank you @CCP_Caffeine

Very excited to test this out! Does it matter if we select a full download or not?

i’ve tried running test server over past month couple times - always getting invalid password error. my account is fairly old and i didn’t change password recently. any ideas what am i doing wrong?

I don’t, I’m afraid. Password issues are normally always related to when the mirror of data happened. Try older passwords is the only recomendation I can give.
Unfortunately, There is not a password reset ability for the test servers.

Yay the wife and I are excited!!!

@CCP_Caffeine You didn’t answer the breakfast question though and it’s the most important meal of the day!