Eve Online's gateway ingenico payment do not accept Visa credit cards

This is sad I wanted to play with an Omega clone but after one hour of trying to purchase some plex with my Visa the perfect gift prepaid credit card I gave up. I just wanted to warn you guy that the dysfunctional gateway Eve Online is using for it’s transaction is ingenico payment and they don’t accept Canadian Visa prepaid credit cards. If they change gateway one day then I’ll play but it sucks to play this game with no omega clones so I’ll take my leave for now, hoping that one day Eve Online come in the next millenia with us and accept Visa prepaid cards. Oh well there is always online poker…

Never had a problem with buying gametime or any other product. Must be you.

Prepaid cards are sometimes restricted to use in the country of issue, this is certainly the case for some US issued visa gift cards, especially those available in grocery stores and pharmacies; it may be the same for Canadian ones.

Contact the card issuer to find out if this is the case.


Its not disfunctional.

As a fellow Canadian, I have never had any problems paying for my account.

Prepaid credit cards are different because they are more risky, and are commonly involved in theft and fraud. Many institutions will not use them because they are so risky and commonly fraudulent. Nothing wrong with mitigating risk. Infact, its the EVE way.

Just open up a bank account with Canadian banks that offer Visa or MasterCard debit cards, such as at Scotiabank. Those will work. Those cards work not only as your debit card, but in most cases as a credit card for online purchases.

Also the MasterCard products through some of the payday loan (Money Mart for example) will also work.

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