Eve runs (metaphorically) hotter than other games

Eve is from iceland and it is a cold place. It makes sense it would run hot because then it can double as a heater and save you a ton on the electric bill


I think that is the most likely answer. No need to look any further.


Just to add a voice here. I’m running heavies like MS Flight Simulator and DCS on high-ultra but among all games with no problems for hours, but EVE drives my laptop towards it’s edge in a matter of seconds, particular the CPU… while sitting in Jita trading.

Why in the world would they want to do that? smh

The problem here is them fancy new CPUs that spool down when not under heavy load to “save the planet” and all that nonsense.
So when the CPU has a bit of work to do the cores spool up to a higher frequency and the fan responds accordingly.

Suggest you downgrade to an i7 4790K, permanently OC’d to 4.4GHz across 4 hyperthreaded cores, the CPU fan will be running fast and loud all the time, so when the EVE client puts some pressure on the CPU, you will not notice any difference.



Because using the GPU is harder and requires more skill. CPU is the basic / generic usage. You don’t want to, it’s the common place. It’s called CPU bound and it’s common in heavy games, but I doubt it’s the case here, where my client fries the CPU because I’m docked into a station.

Code is bad, let’s be real, no optimizations are coming. ALT-TAB and leaving the client in background seems to help.

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My water cooled workstation has never kicks into high fan speed, it always runs pretty cool, that’s with the 4 clients running at the same time.
Oh I am running 4 monitor’s on a GTX-1080, waiting to get a RTX-3080 soon, prices seem to be dropping fast

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It may be tied to a specific configuration. I’m running 2 clients in 1440p on two monitors and my air fans are spinning like I’m running a bare OS.

I have to run at least 4 clients (and not minimize any of them) to make my fans spin up. Pretty much every other game makes my fans spin up running just one instance. So, no other game is as easy on the hardware as EVE.

Fixed full window with interval one.

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I reseat my cpu each summer and clean out any dust bunnies from my noctua cooler, plus I use NT-H1 paste.

If playing alone I have run 10xclients with 9 of the clients with lowest settings (2016 setup i7-6800k 32gb g.skill evga gtx 1070 extreme) I have even had 19 clients jump through Jita on a average day with no real issue.

When playing with others and pvp is involved I would notice some lag even before any tidi.,

Finding that 4 clients would be my current max with that old pc setup lately though. I hadn’t upgraded yet but EVE to me is fine for what I do even after I think there had been game graphic changes.

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