Eve Uncut subreddit

There is a new subreddit called Eve Uncut:

Set up by a few people who noticed a lot of heavy moderation in the current reddit. It is not intended as a replacement subreddit but obviously if you have problems getting stuff posted you have another place to go.

A lot of the communications out of these forums seems to be controlled by a small group of people, this might allow for more diversity in the thinking on Eve.

Hope it is useful for those who feel there has been a bit of a problem.


WOW, I’m so glad this is not a thing just against me. I left reddit because this shadowban thing is outta control.

To be honest, it’s a petty attitude, if you gonna ban, just do it. You don’t even need to be toxic, just posting anything against their agenda is shadow ban.


I remember like 13 years ago they went around and banned everyone for being a ganker/wardeccer/pirate. Not for breaking any rules or saying bad things, but just for admitting to being one of those players in posts. Those were good times.


The mods of the EvE reddit don’t even play EvE.


I thought there were only 4 or 5 Reddit mods that mod like 98% of the subreddits. They probably don’t have time to do any of the hobbies for subreddits they moderate.

I don’t Reddit so my info may be out of whack.

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Reddit is pure stage 4 cancer anyway. Bunch of neckbeards moderating in between trips to Whole Foods for more soy products and hyping the next crypto scam…


You need to ask yourself.

What are you doing on the Eve Reddit if a place as toxic as that banns or moderates you.

So no… If people start a platform to get around forum and then Eve Reddit moderation then those platforms are not the problem.

Something I’d like to see in the EVE-O forum. We don’t need people who know how to play the game. We need people that know how to moderate.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Neckbeards eat Cheetos and chug Mountain Dew. And the only thing they hype is not needing to have a real life girlfriend when there are perfectly good waifu body pillows available for next day delivery.

The person you described doesn’t play MMOs.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You just need to look at the 12 or 13 rules on r/eve and you can see that there is a big enough list to allow people to ban on the basis of ‘taste’ or they just don’t like you. Eveuncut will definitely need moderators.

If it proves useful it will survive. If it does not it will die. Let’s see if there is really a need for it!

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This is why r/eveuncut is there. But bear in mind two simple rules - do not be personal or nasty to each other and stay on topic. We do have to also adhere to reddit’s general rules too of course.

After that it is up to those who use it to make it work. As I said above there will be a need for moderators but we hope the list is small.

Or you could ask yourself how existing moderation rules regulate the definition of the game, reduce it to a few formulaic patterns and reject any other approach or perspective. When this happens the possibilities for the game become formulaic, reduced and boring. I have seen MMO servers die when this kind of staleness develops.

Diversity and the love of the new are what keeps MMO’s going.

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Great idea. r/Eve won’t let me post anything.

Hello forum.

I joined r/EveUncut today as a protest action against shadow-banning and gang-up moderation.

I was on the Taleworlds forum last year and I got banned because of a couple senior members who kept trolling me. Anyone who read that thread could see that I was taunted and they disrespected my person but they didn’t get banned, only I got banned. Not fair.
But I learned something important that day.

~Fifie lives and learns.

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