EVE Wide (Experimental) theme feedback

My issue with little avatar is that they are too small for recognizing similar looking avatars, and to see who actually wrote what, I have to double check the avatar name. In widescreen mode there is a lot of space and it can be used for bigger classic avatars. I seriously doubt CCP will add christmas hats. Not everyone is christian.

And there are also good reasons to have bigger avatars to show off your purchases of clothes, or if you want to stun others with beauty.

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We’ll call them holiday hats :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


CCP likes to celebrate by mentioning Yule lads. Because Yule lads are very mischievous, like pirates in low sec.

After playing around with “preferences” it seems the issue is with Chrome.
Using Opera in wide mode the scroll bar is correctly placed but in Chrome it is over the reply button.
In Chrome;
I turned wide mode off and view reverted correctly (normal) when browsing a thread, reactivating “Wide Mode” the reply button is again under the scroll bar.
It seems to me the width is not scaling correctly as the scroll bar is in exactly the same position as it is with “wide mode” disabled.

I see the same on Vivaldi browser with the widescreen option.

Same on Chrome (desktop), wide theme, but also normal theme and non-fullscreen window. On mobile that timeline thing is a total mess either way :confused: Gets in the way of readability way too often :confused:

I am also using Chrome and the widescreen theme (window stretched to probably around 1700 pixels, I guesstimate), and not only does the scroll-line (can hardly call it a “bar”!) overlap the Reply button, it in fact overlaps and often partially obscures the far-right edge of posts’ text itself. As far as its overlap of the Reply button goes, not only is it the aesthetic factor, but also the fact that over half the button’s usable area (on the right-hand side) is invisibly blocked by this - it is only clickable on the far left side, from about the middle of the reply arrow icon.

EDIT: just “felt around”, and it’s actually considerably less than a quarter of the button’s total area that is in fact usable, around the leftmost 15-20%

The wide mode was a quick hack by CCP FalconAvalon, and will probably be refined as it goes on, there’s a reason it’s marked as “experimental”

(edit: had my devs mixed up! sorry :frowning: )

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Indeed - and which is precisely why we are providing feedback to point out elements that need attention :wink: Overall, the wide mode works for me (and I suspect many others), and just needs its kinks to be ironed out.

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Early Sunday morning, and can’t sleep. Seems like a perfect time to do a little fixing on the wide theme, right?

  • Improved the location of the post timeline, this should hopefully cover all overlapping



Your effort (and insomnia) is appreciated. No more overlapping on Chrome

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It indeed doesnt overlap here too, on firefox 54.0 on win 10.

Indeed, looking good here too - ta :slight_smile:

At least on the Wide theme the time line scroll bar area is a lot less spaced out than on the normal theme. So much less wasted space, which is good.