EVE Wingman Finder - Like Tinder but for finding a wingman

So… if I build this, will you come?


I’m not sure exactly how popular it would be, but I know that some players would be interested in something like this.


Try “How to make a wingman cake” or “Wingman recipes” I think its suggesting


EVE Wingman Cake:
-Federation Freedom Fries - 1lb
-Brutor Fedo Bites - 1.5lbs
-Amarrian Communion Wafers - 1 cup
-Caldari Nutrient Paste #4 - 5oz
-Frozen Corpses - x10

Mix together vigorously and place < 10,000km from the nearest star for 45 minutes

Serve over icecream


I thought about making something like this.

Advertising is the biggest hurdle …
… but potentially takes care of itself!

There’s the other problem of people like myself …
… who would use this wingman finder …
… to find easy and or lucrative targets.

How are you going to deal with that?


Same way you deal with dating in real life. Don’t meet in dark, unlit, private spaces lol.

It’d need to be non-descriptive, like if I made an ad, I would put “7 jumps from Jita” or some other easily recognizable system. That way it’d let people search for anyone WITHIN a certain range of a popular trade hub (or other notable system)

I find the hardest part about finding people to play with is the timezone they’re in, and the location their character is in. Right now, I don’t know of any filtering tools that exist like that.

From what I know about PVP, PVPers are too busy with doctrines and warping from gate to gate looking for “the right one” to even care about what some 3rd party matchmaking service would say. They make ISK hand over fist just fine already, I think trying to trap people with a service like this would be counter-productive for them

Also, I am making no guarantees about the viability of this, but I do have an old Debian web server kicking around that I might fire up again to test some stuff out. I’d imagine setting up API access would be a challenge, but not impossible, I see places like EVE Workbench all the time.

If any pilots are IT bros, web designers, or sysadmins like myself, hit me up. Maybe we can make somethin’ (slowly, and patiently)


What do you mean … slowly?

You can do this in a day if you go full-time, a week if you don’t.
Unless I somehow am missing something.

The biggest problem is getting people to figure out how to set their ESI for public access.
Last I’ve checked that was stupidly retarded to use.

I just don’t think there’s any merit to the idea …
… and now CCP reinvents the fleet finder, which makes it kind of obsolete?

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CCP is adding this

Should be enough to find new people you wish (or not) to fly with.
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What do you mean … slowly?

As in, not in a day or a week as you suggested. There is nothing at stake here. Could take a month. Could take a year. But EVE isn’t going anywhere, and no one’s ever used the fleet finder to my knowledge (at least, I’ve tried to find a public fleet almost every time I’m signed in, and there never is one, maybe they’re just not in my timezone, maybe I’m doing something wrong)

You can do this in a day if you go full-time, a week if you don’t.

Lmao well I’m glad you’re up to date on all the API calls and brushed up on your LAMP/SQL/firewall rules and have a server ready to go. But me over here I have a full time job, and I’m not paying for support or hosting, so it’s going to take some time to setup the infrastructure from scratch.

If you want to drop 100$ on hosting for a project that will probably fail, be my guest lol but I’ve played that game many times, which is why I self host my projects first. If they turn out to be viable, then I’ll buy hosting

Fleet finder has been in this game since I started in 2013

I have no reason to believe anyone’s going to start using it now

But I sure would like to be proven wrong lol

Mate. You’re overthinking it seriously. :roll_eyes:

Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python.

You can do it on windows, but hey, linux is better for firewalling, security and performance.
There’s no need for Apache, you could do this solely with python scripts.

Sure, if you don’t want to host at home on a Pi …
… and rather pick a cheap VPS, then you’ll likely have apache anyway.

Unless you prefer running your own code, like I would. It’s easy to write a server …
… and security isn’t that much of an issue if you know how to secure your process.

There’s zero need for MySQL.

I don’t know what you’re thinking …
… but you’re definitely overthinking it.

The only actual concern is the firewall,
which of course needs to be set up correctly,
but there’s plenty of guides for that.

Again, assuming it’s not a cheap VPS where everything’s preconfigured.
There isn’t even any actual need for ESI integration beyond authenticating people.

I guess in the end you could do this whole thing with a free discord server.

See this is why I said “slowly”, because that allows me to take suggestions, and think carefully before committing to something half cocked. I haven’t used python in a while, I didn’t know you can run a webserver on Python without Apache or IIS. Now with that information, that changes what I might do

And I have a clonezilla backup image of a webserver I used to use. If the hardware still works, it’s be faster for me to use that preexisting image, which is why I assumed Apache would be faster, because it’s more familiar to me and I may already have an instance ready to go.

There isn’t even any actual need for ESI integration beyond authenticating people.

Right, which I have never used before, so it’s gonna take some time to learn

I guess in the end you could do this whole thing with a free discord server.

I guess in the end I could spam local to find a wingmate too, but where’s the fun in that? XD

Thanks for the tip about the Python HTTP sever tho, that’s a game changer

I’m interested to see how it will be implemented, though it could just end up a ganking trap for new (and the naive) Bros.

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I mean if it’s anything like fleet finder historically, no one will use it XD

A webserver is nothing but a program listening to sockets …
… waiting for a connection.

It reads the data, acts on it and sends data out again.

There’s different ways of writing a server. Most people use threads (there’s also systemD which helps with that, but meh), which allows even slow computers nowadays to maintain thousands of connections.

The pros use polling, which allows millions of connections.
You can program a webserver in anything, including DOS.

You have a long way to go, mate! :slight_smile:

Oh, btw. If you’re on Windows 10 trying to run a webserver and accessing it locally via … that usually doesn’t work, but I forgot the reasons. For testing, running Linux in a VM is likely going to be the least painful solution.

Happy learning!

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You have a long way to go, mate! :slight_smile:

Lmao that’s why I like this game, it’s almost as deep as real life. I’ve been working in this field for my whole life, and every day I discover something new about something old haha (for some reason, that something tends to be Python related usually lmao)

Thanks for the help amigo! :slight_smile:

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