EVEmeet.net is dying(?)

EVEmeet.net is EVE community social site where EVE capsuleers arrange meetings with each other. This site now has only two coming events and nothing after that. This raises terrible question in my mind…

…is EVEmeet.net dying(?)

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Unfortunately eve is in a hiatus for most vets or long term players because most feel CCP’s new owners have lost there mojo or never had any in the first place. Eve was about there long term player base BUT the accountants feel they can run eve like minecaraft or WOW or similar mindles game you bounce around in and bring in the puppies but eve alas is rightfully not for most millennial “see it requires patients and determination” which millennial don’t possess.

So is eve meet dying in some cases yup I guess people like myself are also in our groups and as most recruiting ads stated “tight-nit Group” meaning we hate noobs :stuck_out_tongue: or anything new lol we actually meet up on regular times and don’t need eve meet now days.


Poor trolling attempt.

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seems the bait was good enough for you


Are you saying that Eve is so slow that Patients in Hospitals will only play it??

as in “Stingy Flea”?

Is this like the blog that anti ganking host that nobody reads?

Never fear, minerbumping is where it’s at anyway.

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