Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost

Gotta say, this one is not doing well compared to Drone Swarm and the Harvest.

First, where the hell do you refine the vapor and actually get credit for it? I’ve huffed the stuff for over 2 hours last night. Tried refining it in the NPC station, no points. Tried refining it in a refining citadel, no points. This was after buying a skill injector and speed training Gas harvesting on an alt JUST to earn these points.

Second, since when do RLMLs NOT count as medium weapons??

I’ve run into several situations where points are not applied in the various catagories. Very very disappointing.

Finally, the most annoying part of this event is that you cannot get into a rhythm to run it. (particularly in the mining gate) Mine this stuff! (ok, done) Now grab a different ship and mine that stuff… Kill these rats! (ok!) NOW, kill these rats with a different ship/weapon system. (WHAT?) NO, not that weapon system…

Had to laugh when the word “trigger” kept appearing in my local chat.

I am now done with it. This one was not implemented very well.


Hack 40 Frostline Logistics Nodes? Have the people setting these tasks ever done that? WTF?


you can warp in the site. take two clusters of 4 cans that are in diagonal ; put a BM 40 away from each, use a mwd ship ; hack a cluster, warp @50 on the further BM, you land in the other cluster, hack, repeat.
1min per hack I think.
the rats just keep boucning on you, as you bounce from can to can. if you cloak they even start buggin and wont attack you until you land :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi this event is only for very rich people in EVE, it does absolutely nothing to be accesible for new players. Abyssal Deadspace is way better then this,

Why do they not instantiate this thing also? I find this event as being a really bad joke.


have you tried mining in a fleet ?

Forget the complications of the various Tasks - I’m abandoning the points game, with its lame insistence that you click buttons to claim your points that any computer was capable of doing, a number of events ago… it was automatic. @CCP_Turtlepower @CCP_Dragon @CCP_Shreddy PLEASE address this. “Easy to play, hard to master…” where did that idea go?

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“Hack 10 Frostline Nodes in 17 Minutes” … I managed to open 3 so far with a lot of tries and luck. Also, now that the Centurions spawn again, they run away into the “Atmospheric Damage” - I realized it once I lost a full fly of drones.
Honestly, I like the idea of being “forced” to try diffrent things - why not. But the overall execution of this event seems very questionable to me. Of course guys with 10mio SP and up would like a challenge. But expecting players with let´s say my 2,5 mio SP to enjoy the same event in the same area… this doesn´t work out CCP!

Edit: And of course not to forget the good old “In a Mining Frigate, defeat a player”. I’m at 164 points at the event, and my options to gain more seem to run out. That is a bit frustrating! Give us a chance to refresh some of the absurd tasks, please!


OH YOUR VARIOUS GODS, Fix the damn brightness!!


I have an Alpha toon mining in the West room in a 13mill Nereus and it’s tanking EVERYTHING.

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Killed 10 battleships, not one accelerator BP. No extendeds for sale in Dodixie, they are going for 419 million in Jita. I quite like the event but surely there should be a few more accelerators on the market.

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Day 3: more than 50% of the permafrost agency tasks that I’ve received today have been harvesting Vapor. Could we please have a little more balance in these probabilities CCP?

Also how about a 24 hour timeout for tasks that you don’t complete. There are 6 task slots but they get clogged up fast with nonsense like “Defeat Mordu’s Centurions with Small Weapons” and “In a Mining Frigate, defeat a player” or just stuff that the character doesn’t have skills for. I really don’t think you intended on excluding everyone that doesn’t already have combat, hacking, and mining skills trained.


You are not required to do anything.

It is your own choice to take part in the event and it was your choice not to pay attention while doing so. Why are people like you always pretending that the game forces you to do things you do not enjoy doing? Instead of blindly chasing for ISK just do something you actually enjoy.

Or keep making stupid decisions, but then don´t whine if they nip you in the butt.

Why do you get a lot of damage warping into the site now???

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For the small weapons challenge. Turns out it’s possible to take down centurions (battleships) with even a frigate or cruiser. Just knocked one down using only an Incursus and tech I gear.

Just glad the battleships are far away enough from the rest of packs so they don’t agro.

After punishingly doing random task after task it became clear there is no cool down on tasks on purpose. You are clearly meant to suffer if you wish to have the final skin.

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Ok, THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I just hit the 180 points in this Event. Now, my last Task was replaced with “Sell an ML-EKP ‘Polybolos’ Ballistic Control System” (for 5 more points)… thats the 600 points reward Blueprint.

How hard have you been drunk when designing this piece of trash event?

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Wait are you sure you don’t mean the analyzer instead?
Or is there another mission after that one?

The bpc you get for the analyzer is trash.

nah, The 600 points event reward. As a Task that cluters my further progress.

The price to build that Analyzer from the Mining Reward is by far out of my reach anway

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Was it the only bpc you got with your task?

I didn’t GET that blueprint. The blueprint is the DAMN 600 Points reward. I’m at 180 points in that event