Event Feedback - Operation Permafrost


(Axefork) #636

Yeah that’s what I’ve done, but it just adds another layer of tedium to an already un-enjoyable event (just my opinion).

(Gunas Takeva) #637

I have no problem with the mobs…I’m losing the ship WARPING TO THE SITE FROM THE DAMN BEACON.

(Meditril) #638

I completely disagree, if I just want to do dumb stuff then just take one of the standard missions and you are done. These events are about additional challenges. If you are just playing this game for ISK/h then stay with what you are always doing. These events are about fun with new challenges and they are fun if you just do it for the challenge and not for ISK/h.

However the biggest challenge in this event is in my opinion the “whiteness”. With DX9 and medium graphics everything is just plain white in the West Gate. CCP, please really next time also try out the graphics on low-end machines to make sure it is still playable.

(Sade Musana) #639

Which does damage.
It simulates entering an atmosphere. You burn up on entry because you fly in a paper bag.

(Anderson Geten) #640

no you don’t.
Just … no.

The heat you take is from the air resistance, not from the entering the atmosphere.
If you took damage entering the site, then you would also take damage leaving the site, especially since the deceleration takes 3 AU and the acceleration 1.

(Anderson Geten) #641

emp has 0.78 resonance and hail has 0.68
void has 0.7

the good thing is that scorch has 0.73 meaning a phantasm with scorch may be a very good idea.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #642

Ok, so I gave it a try and did some event mining. I had to hunt for BS’s and watch Netflix (3 monitor setup ftw) at the same time to make it work :crazy_face: but I mined enough to produce 3 advanced accelerators.

There’s a huge disproportion between graphics of north and west gate

At first I wanted to stab my eyes after playing for a while but when I’ve got used to it I realized that it has some nice atmoosphere/mood, like a harsh environment somewhere close to the hostile planet. From a sci fi point of view I realy like that.

I also did some hacking in a perfect Stratios. Hacking was quite challenging but the rewards … well. Glacial drift skins again. Seriously?

Overall, without bugs and with some tweaking here and there, I think this would be a really good event. It caters to many playstyles - pve, mining, explo, even with perspectives for pvp. It also tries to merge outcome of those playstyles into one reward (accelerator manufaturing) which is a nice approach. With faster pace and wider availability (more sites + newbro friendly) this would be really really nice event. I’m open for more, just more polished If I may ask.

(Daahn) #643

Overall a nice event, variate activities avoid boredom, and it seems the resource flow is finally controlled to keep the accelerators at decent prices for longer.

What is definitely bad is that the room’s whiteness is at hazardous levels. Not only it’s blinding, but combat text and brackets are invisible and that makes it a downright terrible UI. I suspect the cause is the gigantic gas cloud inside which the room lies, but you could have easily colored that gray and the compromise would have been way less severe.

(Vatrushka Gr) #644

just agree with most of pilots : this event is a really bad ( i don’t want to use more effective words).
good idea, interesting project with more than one kind of challenges.
i will not replay all that the community writed just above just few words :

  • bad maded ( i can think that project team are not players and may be not even a gamers)
  • the rewards ARE NOT equal to complication lvl of missions and time you spend to do them.

(DeMichael Crimson) #645

Wow, I was actually very interested and eagerly awaiting my holiday vacation time to run this event. However after reading this thread I gotta say that I’m very disappointed and extremely discouraged to even log into the game, let along run this event.

Obviously CCP hasn’t learned anything from all the other Events previously done in this game. I’m not surprised that instead of actually listening to testing feedback, they just go ahead and release an event plagued with numerous bugs coupled with a grab-bag of unrealistic scripted task’s to complete and then massively promote it as an Event for all players to enjoy.

What a waste of Corporate time and resources. Whoever is responsible for pushing this total fail past QA and releasing it into the game needs to be replaced asap, along with the person designing the task objectives / points allotment and the person creating the loot drop pool.

Good luck on retaining paying customers as well as attracting new customers if more crap/content like this is released in the future.

(StonerPhReaK) #646

15 points to hack one (1) node.

5 points to hack 10.

This is just silly.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #647

These are strong words from someone normally a CCP booster. I will say in their defense that all tasks are optional. Some of them are based on player requests to incorporate PvP tasks in the events, I expect more changes for the next event, based on this feedback thread.

I only object to the lame whack-a-mole mechanic forcing players thru extra clicks to claim points. I’ve been boycotting the “points game” this time out, just doing the hacking and shooting for site loot. I’m going to finish with Zero points :slight_smile:

(Sylvia Kildare) #648

Yeah, you got 1 event mineral for every 80 ore instead of 1 for every 100 ore in station by default… I think the gas is the same in site vs. in station, tho? but you can sit there huffing gas while you refine (but boy does it take a lot longer in a prospect at 15 per refine in a bay that holds 1000 vs in a skiff for the ore at 160 per refine in a bay that holds 2500)… however, with sufficient skills and enough quantity refined in one go, you do get some extra minerals that way.

And, on that note, the ore seems to use the reproc/reproc efficiency skills as it should… the gas seems to use scrapmetal processing, quite hilariously! sadly, only one of my toon has that skill trained, so… I’m getting 32 from her vs. 30 and 30 from the other two when I refine a batch of 900 in station (for the 800 refine in station task for gas, I just do 900 because 15 goes into it evenly.

Well, it is Christmas, so… at least they fixed the data cans only being hackable once per day each before leaving for their winter breaks… whew!

Nope, remember them quite well. However, very few ships like that existed, and the only ones I ever had were the ones I got for “free” such as the Sarum Magnate and Thukker Thrasher and such from a pack I was getting anyway.

Oh, I did spend ISK and CONCORD LP for the Police Pursuit Comet when it was still a separate ship, too. But yeah, all of those were separate ships due to how it worked back then. The king of the expensive skinned ships at one point was the Quafe Miasmos, IIRC.

(Sylvia Kildare) #649

The ore/ice runs out over the course of the day. If you’re within 2-4 jumps of a trade hub or trade route, probably the ore is gone by 10-12 hours after downtime… if you’re in a backwater area, maybe it lasts until USTZ… maybe even late USTZ.

The gas can run out as well, but it’s in two giant clouds per site and one is like 800,000 m3 and the other is like 1,005,000 m3 or something when it starts its day. It’s an impressive chunk.

The gas does take awhile, but I’m orbiting the beacon with MWDs on at 100km with 3 tech 2 gas huffer module equipped prospects and it doesn’t take all that long for them to go from 0 to 1000 (0 to 10,000 m3). Occasionally they lose a bit of shield if they pass within 30-40km of one of the Mordu’s Orthrus cruisers, but… aside from that, fairly easy to do, just keep an eye on things. If you come off your orbit, you will fling yourself off into the outer areas of the site where you will begin to take environmental damage every few seconds. this area is easier to get to by moving upwards or downwards but further off to the sides… sadly, we can’t tell the game which orientation we want our orbits to be in (horizontal vs. vertical would be nice to be able to choose, for one thing), but… at 100 to 125km I haven’t had any issues, even when the orbit goes up and down.

It’s true that they didn’t spawn everywhere… like the events prior to this one literally spawned in every system… but as someone else pointed out to you, they could stack up in quieter systems, sometimes 6, 8, even 10 or more of the sites. I loved that event. 40 days to just grind… and it was fun grinding.

Also, while those who wanted to loot the can had to compete (unless they let the person who got on grid first have it, which sometimes happened or just… well, they’d already burned over to the can and if you knew to just kill the center spawn and ignore the left/right spawns, you could unlock the can and loot it before many people could get on top oft he can with you)…

… the site gave points for the agency tasks… erm… SCOPE tasks, I mean… to everyone who was on grid. Which was awesome! was a great event for fleets, for alts, and for strangers to all get SOMEthing out of the site even if only one person got the loot.

Also, later in the event, they added FACTION DROPS to the BC wrecks, which was epic.

And 8 points for hacking 15. The initial points for hacking 1 was like the free sample from a drug dealer to getcha hooked. ;D

I’ve gone from having 2 ore/2 gas tasks to 4 gas tasks (3 huffing, 1 refining… did the refining first with my stocks of gas, got up to 4 huffing… as I did the huffing, turned them in as I hit them and boom, got a 5th huffing task in the middle of all that). Was making 10, 20 points here, 30 points there (twice, for the 800 one)… so much semi-AFK gas huffing, so many points. Gone from ~300 points to ~500 points today just from gas huffing. And they said it couldn’t be done.

But I enjoy the data hacking more, I think. Them Glacial Drift skins. My first 5 skins from that were all capital skins and some of them have quite high estimated values… tho this event is probably ruining that. :wink:

At some point I’ll finally get around to the combat. But since doing the initial steps of it, I’ve been waiting until I gain enough points from ore mining/gas huffing/data hacking to be on the verge of the Megathron skin x 3 so that the tasks I’m not willing to do down that chain don’t really clog up my 6-task-boards with dead weight.

lol… after finishing the 4… well, 5… 6? gas-related tasks today, my board is now 15 hacks, kill ML rats with M weapons (yep, been sitting on that one since Monday night, but I’ll get to it by X-mas)… and 4x kill rats while in a mining vessel. Can’t do anything about that in my no-drone-having Prospects here. Save it for next time I triple Skiff after downtime when the ore is all back. kill 5, kill 7, kill 5, kill 7. per toon. so… kill 7 each, or 21 total. Not a bad return on my effort (all for 15 points each, so 60 points x 3 total).

(Dantelion Shinoni) #650

This event is an abomination.


(Sylvia Kildare) #651

It’s not as bad as you’re reading, man.

It could have been implemented/executed better, the bugginess on the first day was pretty brutal, and it sucks for people losing ventures to the environmental damage during warps (not by going wayyy wayyy to the edges of the site manually/drifting), but…

At this point, the main problems I have with it can be simplified to just 3:

  1. one Ice Dwarf per constellation that stays up all day and the relocates to a different part of the same system at downtime was an interesting mechanic, but… I prefer the ol’ completeable sites of yore and the “any system can have a site but not necessarily at the same time” mechanics. Also, WH constellations don’t work like HS/LS/NS constellations, so that makes things interesting. In the first few days of the event, my home WH C4 was connected to 2 C2s with Ice Dwarfs… and I think a corpmate may have mentioned one in a C5 as well, but… not in our system (but maybe that’s a good thing, probably would have attracted flies).

  2. TOO. MANY. BASIC. BPCs. same problem as Blood Raider year 4 a couple months ago.

  3. some really silly combat tasks like the medium weapons only (drones don’t count), small weapons only (drones don’t count), kill people in mining ships, kill things while you’re in a mining ship, etc. etc. etc. type stuff. oh, and from what I’ve read, the “sell this specific thing on the market” ones, too, that try to get you to throw away your hard-earned event loot for pennies on the dollar unless you sell it to an alt. :wink:

But yeah, I’m really enjoying the ore/ice and gas and data hack sides of the sites for now, and I’ll try to start getting some standard/advanced accel BPCs soon™… doesn’t sound like they drop any more often than they did in Oct/Nov in Crimson Harvest, tho. A shame. More runs, though, I’ve heard!

:::continues to ignore Basic bpcs not worthy of my chromodynamic tricarboxyls!:::

(Tzar Sinak) #652

LOL So, I have to tell ya, I am in Hyhhota (3 jumps from Jita). I am dodging the Mordus to mine some ore to build a few of the dozens of Basic accelerators BPCs I managed to get. I am doing reasonably well as i jump back and forth between rocks.

Then, BAM! Dead. Its OK, it is a throw away Venture but I should not have been one-shot… and i wasn’t. I took one hit from a rocket for 68 damage then one hit for 1782. Did I mention there is a Incursion in this constellation? hehehe Strangely enough, Renyn Meten is not even on grid before or after the hit (yes, I have them listed for my overview).

(Orbit Arbosa) #653

OK I am now done at 598 points. Must be a bug because I got the 600 point reward.

But I am not finished, currently mining 16 ore … I was going to do another 72 for the analyzers because they might fix the requirements to spend 100’s of million for the Hi-tech tools etc.

Geeze … I just do not want to do this one any further. I had to force myself to get this far. Way too much grinding.

BTW. I used my Gila with rapid lights to kill the Centurions with “S” weapons.

Have fun people. I hope you do.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the site I have been using for the event is currently deserted. Not that there were ever many people at any time. Just one or two per room.

Too bad. This could have been a great event.

(Touko) #654

So, after having tryed all kind of missions, and not getting stucked yet… this event seems not that bad, even if i’ve only spend ISK and SP and not earning it, like it’s suposed to…

Here comes my sugestions for the same event or similar in the future:

First of all, the event should be re-made and launch again during this winter, it’s not enoght only at Christmas.

Then: the boosters should be clasified through security rates. Basic in HS, Standard in Low, Advanced in Null and Extended in WH. The BPC should follow that rule aswell. PVE should not drop boosters, that could be too OP for Combat players while miners and scouts have to craft it. Mobs should drop crafting materials like if PI or salvaging ones were. Then the scouts drop the copies. Miners drop the special materials. And all of it meets at market for freely crafting of everybody. Also 3 types of mining materials and sources: roid mining aka solid materials, ice harvesting aka liquid materials and gas huffing aka gaseous materials… all 3 needed to craft the boosters, not just the easy mining ones… with reprocesing equivalent, let’s say veldspar and ice… reactions needed for the gas may be is too hard and unavailable…

Drop rates acordingly with security multiplier, ship size and numbers for combat, security multiplier for scout, and yield for mining, roid should have a lower yield than ice and ice a lower yield than gas… or proportional need for the crafting.

Then, the idea of gates is useless, for security purposes or anything… different rooms for combat, mining and hacking is cool but not needed… seems more cool a full base of operations at the north pole of the Ice Dwarf with refineries, nodes and pirats. Just 1 room with a beacon is needed. No damage barrier arround the site.

Event site not that near of the surface of the planet, a bit darkier, with usual camara abilities. Some asteroid rocks, some ice rocks, and a few gas clouds… gas clouds not covering the whole planet at 0km… are clouds, like rainy clouds, not the whole atmosphere.

With ORE mining ships and ORE haulers as NPC, that drop mining materials for boosters. Mordus ships that drop PI/Salvage materials for boosters and haulers with mining materials too. May be hostile towards both the players and the ORE ships. Serpentis/Angels ships protecting the ORE ships, without haulers, droping like Mordus. Hostile towards Mordus and neutral against players unless players engage ORE. With standing properties and bounties.

Missions for points acordingly to a role/profession of the player, not random. After a mission being completed, the same one appears with higher numbers requiered. Choose the Protector path: protect ORE and kill Mordus. Pirate path: help Mordus killing ORE and his Serpentis/Angels protectors, may be being Mordus neutral againt the player while following that path. Scout path: hack nodes, i don’t see the need of relic nodes, only data fits the lore, but could be a relic path and a data path. And 3 miner path: asteroids, ice and gas. All the paths as permanet missions.

The Location of the Ice Dwarf could be an existent Ice planet, may be limited to 1 ice planet per system to avoid having 4 event sites in a same system with 4 existing ice planets… while other systems don’t have event site cos of lack of existing ice planets. (Something similar to the whole event could be done in Spring with an event about Gas or Storm planets, just my whish)

Okay, and all detailed about drop rates between securites, all the roles and materials needed to craft the boosters, 1 room for all the paths, NPC factions involved and Lore correct, 3 paths for the 3 kind of miners, may be even PI’ers and Salvagers involved as mob loot, and the location of the event… what’s left?

The Skins can be gained with mission pints, event modules could be crafted following the boosters rule, the event modules should be a faction/augmented version of T2 modules without existing upgrade, cos just fusion 2 modules don’t make too much difference, to avoid re-fit? And Skins could be for a ship of all the paths, 1 for miners, or 1 for each 3 types of miners aka Venture, Prospect, Endurance. 1 for combat of may be each 4 empires or pirate factions involved, that’s Mordus, Serpentis and Angels. And 1 or 2 for scouts, astero, stratios, nestor or empire T2 scan frigates or recon cruisers.

BOOM! what you think? A perfect event that can last 1 month in winter or spring, and be used along the years?

Please, coment ^^
Touko s2

(Sharcy) #655

Some of the tasks are just ridiculous. “Defeat a player” type of tasks should not be issued in hisec imho. The fact that you can’t decline tasks means most ppl will get stuck at some point if they don’t have a lot SP and ISK… and even then, the willingness to spend. Declining tasks should really be an option if you’re going with granular tasks like these.